Denise Esposito, Gigi D’Alessio’s girlfriend ‘stands out’ Tatangelo: Post is getting a boom in likes

Denise Esposito, Gigi D’Alessio’s girlfriend ‘stands out’ Tatangelo: Post is getting a boom in likes
Dennis Esposito and Anna Tatangelo – (Source Instagram)

The feud between Denise Esposito and Anna Tatangelo spills over into social media: the photo on Instagram collects a boom in comments.

between Dennis Espositothe current partner of Gigi D’Alessio, and the famous ex-partner Anna Tatangelo No bad blood is definitely not new.

The sensual diva and fellow Neapolitan did Fixed pair from 2006 to 2020And from their union a son was born AndrewFourth, by Gigi D’Alessio.

The standard bearer of neo-melodic music in Neapolitan is, in fact, Wald Claudio, Ilaria and Luca (LDA) by his first wife, Carmela Barbato.

After contacting “Mrs. Tata”, The singer started a relationship with young Dennis Esposito in 2021, younger than 26 and resilient to the dynamics of show business. The couple later announced the arrival of a child through magazines, and Anna Tatangelo did not like the way the news was revealed, as reported by Silvia Tuvanen in Verissimo’s drawing room.

Dennis Esposito and Anna Tatangelo: Gossip is a Battlefield

Anna Tatangelo He told Verissimo:We learned about it from the newspapers. I am a mother, and it is my duty to protect Andrea. I explained to him that mom and dad are always there. I just want his calm, Andrea’s calm. I’ll do everything I can to see him smile, and I’m stopping here, just because I don’t want to get into some of the mechanics… Sometimes stopping is a way to protect kids too“.

Immediately Responds to Dennis Esposito’s social networks, who gave birth to his firstborn, Francesco, in January 2022, as well as the fifth child of his wife. The young woman had posted an engraved divination line on Instagram: “Don’t just take care of the body, which is ugly insideThe short message unleashed a wave of inferences on the network. In fact, several users raised the possibility that his words were directed at Gigi D’Alessio’s ex-girlfriend in response to the interview with “Verissimo”. Little Francesco has now passed the year of his life, and Denise Esposito has resumed her social life in full swing. Moreover, in the past few days, she posted a dazzling snapshot on Instagram: In the photo, she is wearing a short black long-sleeved dress, showing an enviable complexion. The competitor’s gauntlet?

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Denise’s photo goes viral on social media

Many followers appreciated the sensuality of the shot; One of them even took the opportunity to address A.J Veiled orientation to Anna Tatangelo:”His best choice (Written by Gigi D’Alessio, editor) After Carmella… beauty and versatility“.

Another adds:You are really beautiful, simple and humble. Gigi made the choice, congratulations!“.

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