Jerry Scotty in tears and still hasn’t overcome mourning: ‘Wonderful woman’

Jerry Scotty in tears and still hasn’t overcome mourning: ‘Wonderful woman’

Jerry Scotty in tears, not yet overcoming mourning: “Wonderful woman.” The popular conductor moves everyone

There was great anticipation for a comeback Jerry Scotty and free fall. Main game show on Channel 5 In recent months he has given way to another Avanti! and recover early eveningon a long journey with the audience.

Jerry Scotty has moved to Free Fall (Mediaset screenshot)

Jerry, who recently turned 66, is back in good shape and struggles welcome the audience That in this period he missed school and so at home. But he also took the opportunity to remember a person in the house, whom he loved very much. Because in the beginning of February she disappeared from a tumor Samantha Chiudinia television author with whom he worked extensively on the show (and first with Fabio Fazio on Che tempo che fa),

almost moved up tearsScotty celebrated it this way: “He’s been with us on 11 editions of this show a wonderful girla skilled woman, a very clever writer, a mother who unfortunately no longer exists.” And the woman’s son who continued to follow them sent them the salute.

Jerry Scotty crying, many news looming for free fall season

What has just started will be an important season for him free fall. The game show from Mediase is about to celebrate Episode 1000. It will happen in October, with a cake but also with some special episodes. This week, in fact, a big challenge is scheduled between the game show’s old and new heroes, a way to bring back some of the faces that Fall Free fans loved.

On the pages of “Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni” the conductor said that this program actually started as a program bet. A phone call came in from Barcelona to propose this new TV game and it only took five minutes before he decided to accept it.

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Conductor Jerry Scotty presents the special edition of Free Fall dedicated to the heroes.  The four episodes began to air from the end of 2021 (Photo ANSA / Vincenzo Di Cillo - Mediaset press office).
Jerry Scotty in Free Fall Studies (ANSA)

In this version there will be the classic games, including the last game with words to guess, but also some news. Like “Ten Little Clues” inspired by the movie “Ten Little Indians” by Agatha Christie. “The hero and the challenger confront each other about a topic, and each time receives a different clue. The titles of my shows and games should be explainable in a few words….”

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