Demir discovers a shocking truth and runs to Zuleiha…

Demir discovers a shocking truth and runs to Zuleiha…

Let’s see together the previews of the new episodes of Terra Amara, the Turkish series broadcast on Channel 5. Zuleyha is trapped by Demir, the man discovers a shocking truth.

New shocking facts are about to emerge in the plots of Season 2 of earth time. there soap turca, aired in the day Channel 5, scores excellent reviews thanks to the amazing twists that you won’t miss in the upcoming episodes. The predecessor reveal it Demir Yaman He will make a shocking discovery when he learns that he is not sterile. Zlihaupset and accused of treason For her husband, she will have to make a very difficult decision.

Demir threatens to kill in the new episodes of Tira Amara

The predecessor subordinate soap From Channel 5 Report an incredible and unexpected new discovery in life Zliha. The young woman will discover that she is pregnant She will tell her husband everything Demir Yaman. He realizes existence disinfected And if the enemy’s son Yilmaz, whom Zuleiha carried in her womb before their wedding, was already at home, he would lose his head and He will threaten his wife To kill her by pointing a gun at her. destroyerAmazement at the thought of Zuleiha’s betrayal and the feeling he still felt Yilmaz who found another woman meanwhileAnd the Try to take your life He aims the gun at his temple. His wife who is more troubled than ever, commends him and reminds him that she was forced to marry him by Henker.

Predictions of Tira Amara and Zuleha leaves and Demir …

destroyer It is sure that Zliha betrayed him still with yilmaz He loses his reason. After being injured by accusations and lack of tact on the part of her husband, this young woman leaves him in a state of reeling Moves to another residenceAs far away from Demir’s illusions as possible. The latter is facing yilmazHe threatens to kill him for having sex with his wife again, only to end up asking for advice from his mother hunker. Yaman suspects that there is another truth to be revealed and convinces her son to repeat the tests to see if it really is. sterile as you think. destroyer It is hoped, this time could he have a legitimate heir?

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Tera Amara advances: Zuleiha risks everything, the shocking decision

ZlihaShe asks Sameer to help her ready, touched and bitter miscarriage This child who, in addition to causing her great physical pain, also caused new problems with her destroyer. On the other hand, it will repeat the test and find out Don’t be sterile As it has always been believed, and he will be convinced that Ibn Zuleiha is his son. However, his wife has since disappeared and no one knows her whereabouts. annoyed , Demir will go after ZuleihaHe prevented her at the last minute from having an abortion. A man declares himself to his wife and asks forgiveness for her when Samir She is in serious trouble for being involved in an abortion attempt.

earth time broadcast on Channel 5 Monday to Friday 3.45 pm.

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