Death of Andrea Purgatori, family complaint to the prosecution: “wrong diagnosis and treatment”

Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment: A Family Andrew Purgatorythe slain journalist and commander of La7 On the morning of July 19presented a On display at the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The news was released in the afternoon by lawyers assisting the family.

The text of the press release: “Andrea Purgatori’s family announces that, following the filing of a complaint, the Nas de Carabinieri family, led by Colonel Alessandro Amadi, with the coordination of Public Prosecutor Sergio Coliocco and Giorgio Orano, is carrying out investigations regarding Illustrate the validity of the diagnoses and treatments provided to their loved ones, who passed away on July 19, 2023 just two months after the initial diagnosis.”

In particular, family members asked to confirm the veracity of the statement I mentioned the diagnosis To Andrea Purgatori in Roman Clinical Note and its implications He needs the heavy treatments prescribed for himAnd if already necessary treatments are omitted due to the same possible diagnostic errors. The family, represented by the lawyer Gianfilippo Cao, is defended in the proceedings by the lawyers Alessandro and Michele Gentiloni Silveri ».

in the coming days The prosecutor will order an autopsy Which will also be attended by experts appointed by the family.

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