Deadly shooting at Superbowl celebration in Kansas City

Deadly shooting at Superbowl celebration in Kansas City

Yesterday's celebration in Kansas City of the Chiefs' Super Bowl win last Sunday was overshadowed by something as common in the United States as American football: gun violence. The city's fire department said that at least one person was killed and 14 others were injured after shots were fired near Union Station, the train station where celebrations ended after the victory parade.

The police arrested two armed people. A spokesman confirmed that it was not yet clear how many of those injured had suffered gunshot wounds, but at least four had been admitted to University Health, adding that eight other patients were not injured by gunshot wounds. The authorities also reported that three wounded were in critical condition, and five were in serious condition. No other victim's lives were in danger.

Chaos at the station

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Kansas City, Missouri, to celebrate the Chiefs' second straight win. The events began at 11 a.m. with the team parade by bus and the end point was the station, which was full and surrounded by people wearing the symbolic red of the Chiefs, the team with which Travis plays and Kelsey, the singer Taylor Swift's boyfriend. 600 local police officers and 250 other security forces were deployed in the streets.

Gunfire was heard near the station and near the garage, and chaos ensued. The first images broadcast by news agencies also show at least two women injured or being transported by medical teams in ambulances, in addition to a woman being detained by police and handcuffed.

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Missouri is one of the states with lax gun control laws. It is one of those that allows, for example, its display even without a specific permit except in areas that explicitly prohibit this.

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