China is interested in biodiversity projects in Saint Llorenc National Park

China is interested in biodiversity projects in Saint Llorenc National Park

China is interested in biodiversity projects in Saint Llorenc Nature Park. Last June, Daniel Ponce, a conservation technician at PN, participated in the summit Technology for Nature Summit 2024 In Shenzhen to explain one of the latest initiatives that have been implemented in this protected area since 2022.

At conferences organized by Huawei and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the project to make bald eagle conservation compatible with public use in protected places was explained. In this sense, Ponce made a statement about the commitment to technological innovation that had a positive impact on biodiversity conservation.

As XPN noted in a statement, the delegate explained the context of the natural park, its conservation values, and the problem of human presence near the bald eagle’s nest. He also showed how the Tech4Nature project was implemented in the park, using Huawei technology to monitor the pair of birds of prey. The results obtained and lessons learned. You can learn more about the project and its news by clicking here.

Tech4Nature funded projects around the world

At the Summit, the results obtained in various projects funded by Tech4Nature (the program started in 2020) were shared with the participation of international organizations, governments, telecom operators, research institutions and NGOs, and we worked to see how we can move forward together to better protect nature using technology. .

In addition to having the honor of being able to present the project being developed, the Sant Llorenç Natural Park and the Natural Park Network of the Diputació de Barcelona also left the summit with an award under their arms, in recognition of their innovative efforts. Work done in nature conservation.

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Daniel Pons presents the Tech4Nature project for the Sant Llorenç Natural Park at a summit in China | xpn

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