Mr. Chef, farewell to the beloved judge: there was nothing that could be done to preserve him| Everyone is crying over him

Mr. Chef, farewell to the beloved judge: there was nothing that could be done to preserve him|  Everyone is crying over him
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MasterChef fans still can’t get over it after saying goodbye to the beloved judge.

The first edition of MasterChef did not record impressive numbers, it only got one number Share of 0.5% with a peak of 2.6% during the finalBut it must be taken into account that the season was exclusive to Sky subscribers.

From the second season onwards, the satellite broadcaster also decided to broadcast the program for free on Canale 8, to make it possible to watch even for non-subscribers but with a delay of a few days. The decision proved successful as ratings tripled in just one year.

the Program evaluations They continued to grow in the following years even Average peak audience rating of 3.95With over a million viewers per episode. In Season 6 the average viewership dropped slightly but the final score was A A historical record of Master ChefWith the attendance of one and a half million spectators, at a rate of 7%.

The judges also play an important role in the MasterChef ratings, and are the actual presenters of the show. It is no coincidence that the most important numbers were recorded when the judges were Bruno Barbieri, Joe Bastianich, Carlo Cracco, and Antonino Cannavacciolo.

The most beloved judges on MasterChef

According to many The two best versions of MasterChef Italia They were precisely the ones who appeared in the amazing quartet of judges. The historic trio formed by Krakow, Barbieri and Bastianic has already achieved amazing numbers andCannavacciolo arrives It was the icing on the cake that allowed the program to achieve maximum success.

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The chef, who is originally from Vico Equense, in the province of Naples, has a good viewer following, which he gained thanks to hosting the program. Hell’s Kitchenwhich has been on the air since 2013.

Goodbye Carlo Cracco to Masterchef Italia
Goodbye Carlo Cracco to Masterchef Italia. Facebook photo.

Carlo Cracco’s farewell to MasterChef Italia

But at the end of Season 6, in the midst of the success of MasterChef, and with the start of the final match, Carlo Craco announces his farewell The public was left petrified before an irreversible decision. This event caused an uproar among those who assumed A Arguing with production or some disagreement With his fellow judges.

It will then be the same Carlo Craco for clarification The situation in subsequent interviews in which he explained his desire to participate in other projects and that he was somewhat tired of the program. In fact, at that time, Cracco was working on his new restaurant in the Galleria di Milanowhose opening was also recounted in a documentary called Cracco Confidencial, released in 2018.

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