March 30, 2023

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Dan Rapoport, a well-known anti-Putin banker, is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Was in Washington –

From Julia Taviani

The man was found dead on Sunday evening. He had over $2,000 in cash. Since 2012, he has always defended Alexei Navalny, criticizing the Kremlin even after the invasion of Ukraine.

Found dead in Washington Dan RapoportA well-known Russian Latvian banker has spoken out against Vladimir Putin. The man was found dead on Sunday evening in front of a luxury apartment building. The police would have intervened after reporting someone who had jumped into the void. Investigations are still ongoing and the cause of death has not been confirmed. He was carrying $2,620 in cash.

American businessman born in Riga, worked in several Russian financial institutions before opening a nightclub in Moscow in 2007 Soho rooms. In 2012 joined the discount Alexei Navalny
who always supported him. In the same year he moved to the United States, before traveling to Kyiv in 2016.

distanceInvasion of Ukraine by Russia, Rapoport openly criticized the Kremlin and expressed support for Kiev. Dan evacuated us from Ukraine and went back there to help my country. – He told his wife to the Russian news agency RBC. – We should have met in the United States. Then he challenged reports in some media that Rapoport left a farewell letter before his death: there was no remark, no suicide, the woman concluded.

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