The health passport creates the avalanche of sick leave

Social security said on Thursday that there had been an explosion in the number of diseased leaves in Italy since October 15 when the health pass was forced to go to work.

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As of Friday, October 15, 94,113 diseased leaves had been delivered by doctors against 76,836 a week earlier, an increase of about 28%, according to figures sent to the AFP.

From October 15, the obligation to issue a health pass has been extended to all workplaces. Employees refuse to comply with the pay suspension, but granting sick leave allows them to retain their pay and not go to work.

On Monday, October 18, 192,174 diseased leaves were delivered a week ago against 165,061, an increase of about 16.4%.

The Health Pass certifies that the carrier has been vaccinated, or cured after a Covit-19 infection, or passed a negative test.

The introduction of the mandatory health pass led to a significant increase in the number of rapid antigenic tests, with more than 900,000 tests performed on Monday, about 600,000 on Tuesday and 800,000 on Wednesday, the government website said.

Italy, the first European country to be hit by the epidemic in February 2020, paid the highest price with more than 130,000 deaths.

Rome began its vaccination campaign in December of the same year and nearly 82% of people over the age of 12 are now fully vaccinated (approximately 86% including those receiving the first dose).

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