This is the ideal tilt for maximizing the efficiency of the solar panels

This is the ideal tilt for maximizing the efficiency of the solar panels

Correct placement and inclination of solar panels are very important factors in the performance of a photovoltaic system.

First, let’s try to understand what is meant by attitude and inclination? The term position means the location of the solar panels with respect to the cardinal points.

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Instead, the inclination serves to specify the distance the plate should be perpendicular to the ground and the latitude. Everything to ensure optimal performance of the photovoltaic system. By the way, does it work the same way with cloudy skies? The answer is reassuring.

Photovoltaic: This is the ideal tilt for maximizing the efficiency of solar panels

Whether they are installed on the balcony or on the roof, the optimal orientation (ie positioning) is towards the south; Otherwise, the yield of the photovoltaic system will lose efficiency. In this case, the plate can be oriented 45 degrees to the southwest or southeast. The return loss will be only 2%.

Moreover, the system will have a higher yield if sunlight hits the cells of the panels perpendicularly. However, this is not always possible due to the position of the sun, which changes during the day and throughout the year. Obviously, the optimum slope cannot always be guaranteed because it also depends on the position of the panels.

In any case, if they are mounted on a roof for maximum efficiency, this slope should be 30 or 35 degrees. With this inclination, sunlight is exploited throughout the year.

However, two other slab inclinations are also possible:

  • 20 degrees to take advantage of the sun’s rays in the summer months;
  • 60 degrees to take advantage of the sun’s rays during the winter.
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Obviously, the optimal system is also one with panels that can be oriented or tilted to take advantage of the sunlight throughout the year. This type of system is called solar trackers and has particularly complex structures that are used exclusively in solar gardens. In this case, the electricity is produced to be fed into the grid and not for domestic use.

It may seem trivial to remember that the photovoltaic system increases its efficiency if the panels are placed in places without shade. Finally, it is also important to remove dirt, dust and leaves; In fact, regular maintenance of solar panels increases the efficiency of the photovoltaic system.

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