Crashed by a Shark in the River: The Return of the Nightmare

Crashed by a Shark in the River: The Return of the Nightmare

It was supposed to be a fun day out with friends but it turned into a nightmare that ruined the family. A 16-year-old girl lost her life, after being attacked by a deadly shark, but it didn’t happen in the sea, but in the river. Chilling details

He has decided to treat himself for a day In the name of entertainment and frolic with her friends, but from the waters of the river into which she decided to dive, she never got out on her feet again.

16 years old by a shark (Pontilenews)

The young victim of a brutal attack was only 16 years old by a shark It happened so suddenly and without the people who were with her being able to do anything to save her. The story is set on the banks of the Swan River, a short distance from the Fremantle Traffic Bridge in North Fremantle, a suburb of Perth, Australia.

Horror in the river: 16 year old was attacked and killed by a shark

The little girl was called Stella Berry and she just wanted to enjoy a few hours of leisure time on a boat trip. But at some point 16 years old She decides to dive in, unaware of the great danger associated with the possible presence of sharks in those waters. Unfortunately, one of them was near: it was a bull shark, as soon as he noticed the movement a few meters away, he drew near, and lunged at the young woman who could do nothing to escape from her and back to the boat, all before him from the horrified eyes of some friends, in shock for what happened.

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The story took place in an area that is very popular with the people, which prompted the authorities not to take lightly what happened, and to urgently launch a tracking and locating system for every specimen of bull sharks swimming in the waters of the shark’s mouth. Pelican and canning rivers.

Killed by a Shark: How to Avoid Other Tragedies

So all samples will be named with: il labeling programme It already exists but will be expanded to help “researchers learn more about bull shark movements and build an evidence-based approach to mitigating shark impacts in our estuaries”; The words of Rhys Whitby, the local environment minister, have yet to be questioned by the media Terrible accident.

Tracking system launched for all bull shark specimens (Pontilenews / Source Ansa)

Experts said that bull shark It is the only species that also lives in freshwater streams and it is especially the females that ascend rivers, between summer and autumn, in order to give birth. The goal now is to be able to track movement of each sample So we can create an alert system that will allow us to prevent tragedies like the one of the last few hours from repeating themselves.

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