At least 35 were killed in an Israeli bombing of a camp for displaced people in Rafah

A massacre in a camp for displaced people in Rafah. At least 35 people died Sunday evening in Israeli bombing of the southern Gaza StripAccording to data from the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip.

The attack occurred in an area designated for Displaced people in Tal Sultan camp West Rafah.

In addition to the deaths, the attack caused Dozens of wounded. A health spokesman said this after the attack A great fire spread in the campwhich has not yet been able to be turned off.

The Palestinian presidency described the massacre that took place in Tal Al-Sultan camp “A hideous massacre” Israel was accused of deliberately attacking a center for displaced people. It is a heinous act, he asserts. “It defies all international resolutions”.

Israeli army It confirmed that it had launched an attack on “a compound in which important Hamas terrorists were active in Rafah” and claimed that civilians were among the wounded.

According to Gaza Civil Defense, in the area where the bombing occurred About 100,000 displaced people lived They come from other areas of the Gaza Strip who had already been forced to leave their homes at the beginning of the Israeli attack.

Thousands of people who fled the eastern areas of Rafah, where Israeli forces launched a ground attack more than two weeks ago, also took refuge in Tel al-Sultan in recent days.

The massacre comes a few hours after that Hamas attacked Israel again with rockets Four months later. The Islamic Movement claimed responsibility for a “major missile attack,” and the Israeli army confirmed the impact of eight shells fired from Rafah. Three missiles landed in open areas, and the rest were intercepted by the Israeli missile shield.

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The Israeli attack on the Rafah refugee camp comes at a time when international efforts are intensifying to revive negotiations in order to reach a possible truce.

About 100,000 displaced Palestinians live in the area where the bombing occurred (Reuters)

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. Nearly 36,000 Palestinians were killed in the Strip Since Israel began the military offensive following a Hamas attack on communities in southern Israel on October 7.

the European Union foreign ministers On Monday, they will meet in Brussels with their counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan and with the Secretary-General of the Arab League, where the situation in Gaza will be the central issue.

It is expected on Tuesday Spain, Ireland and Norway officially recognize the State of Palestine. Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez today called on the Palestinian Prime Minister to meet in Spain on Wednesday after the official recognition of the Palestinian state.

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