North Korea threatens the United States – let’s see what happens

North Korea threatens the United States – let’s see what happens
North Korean President Kim Jong Un
Korean president Kim Jong Un to threaten
Biden In general, the United State.

Huge military maneuvers are taking placeShields of Liberty 23“Between South Korea and the United States, scheduled until March 23, and the North Korean government newspaper.”Rodong SinmonLet him know that there is approx 800 thousand citizens Those who volunteered to join the national army are ready fight states.

In short, thus, again, a strong climate of tension is drawn as every show of force tries to keep the opponent in check but ends up disastrously. Raising the level ofWarnin the Far East. They are countless recriminationsAnd Military exercises And gymnastics from Kim Jong Un Which, in the past week alone, has completed 4 missile launches in America.

The last protagonist, as you mentioned ProphetIt was an intercontinental ballistic missile.Hwaseong-17Headed to the Sea of ​​Japan. In addition, the official North Korean news agency described the joint drills between the United States and South Korea as “aggressive and provocative,” and said that the launch of the Hwasong-17 missile had no negative impact on the security of neighboring countries. However, another missile test was motivated by the need to “give stronger warning to enemies who are deliberately escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.”

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