February 8, 2023

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Covid, US: Biden suspends mandatory mask on planes and trains. Choice after sentencing of a judge appointed by Trump

After a federal judge ruled in Florida, Katherine Kimble MaizelBiden administration hanging L ‘commitment to wear Anti-Covid Mask in public transport, trains And Planes. Mizelle, Nominated in 2020 by Donald Trumpselect Choose Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Extending the commitment on transportation until May 3.

Last night, April 18, a Transportation Security Administration issued a statement to Judgment rescinded, allowing companies to adapt. In accordance with the TSA decision,American Airlines It no longer requires you to wear personal protective equipment at US airports and on domestic flights.

in the current situation, American Airlines It states, “In maintaining the commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all, Passengers And employees Could you complete to Choose to wear there maskFor this part, Southwest Airlines It encourages people to “make the best decision for their own well-being.” Even smaller companies like Jet BlueAnd Alaska AirlinesAnd Spirit AirlinesAnd Frontier AirlinesAnd Hawaiian Airlines And Elegant Airlines They announced that masks will no longer be mandatory.

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