Covid, in France 47,000 injuries within 24 hours. Johnson pushes: ‘Third dose for everyone by the end of January’

In the last 24 hours in France they have registered 47 thousand infection from COVID-19. This is a worrying fact, according to what was reported by the French Minister of Health. Olivier Ferrand, may soon exceed the peak of the last third wave. The weekly average of cases is currently exceeding 30 thousand Infection per day, with growth of severe symptoms: “1.700 Patients in intensive care and intensive care services,” explains Ferran, “that is why the recall campaign must be expanded immediately.” The French authorities still strongly recommend the vaccine, “the only way that will allow us to stop and reduce the number of serious cases, hospitalizations, resuscitation, and deaths.” This is also the benefit of the health card,” the minister emphasized. On the level of vaccines, the French health authorities recommended a few hours ago the vaccination against Covid for children 5 to 11 years old at risk. A preliminary opinion issued by the French High Authority for Health (HAS) that recommended protection in particular for children “of that vulnerable age group or who live in contact with immunocompromised persons or vulnerable persons who are not protected by the vaccine”.

The United Kingdom and the fourth wave

Meanwhile, the UK also continues to battle the fourth wave and the potential threat of varante Omicron. The British government intends to guarantee the third dose of the Covid vaccine to the entire adult population by the end of January. To say it was really Boris Johnson, stressing that vaccines “are the critical weapon to contain the Omicron variant as well, waiting for our scientists to crush it.” Unlike France, the British health minister, however, noted how the kingdom first and foremost started with vaccinations and how the current situation is “much better” than in previous waves. The stated goal for the next few days is to resume the vaccination campaign at full speed “with additional centers reopening and 400 soldiers being employed”.

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Christmas fourth wave

Regarding possible anti-Covid measures to be adopted in the delicate Christmas period, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was confident that the upcoming holiday period “will be better than last year, despite the new threat not yet fully assessed. One. Omicron The alternative.” Under pressure from reporters at today’s Downing Street press conference to update the pandemic and vaccination campaign, Johnson described the reimposition of model restrictions as “highly unlikely.” Close in the festive period. And this, the Prime Minister continued, “thanks above all for the availability of vaccines.”

EU meeting on Omicron: “More vaccines, no panic”

Meanwhile, the European Union Commission met to discuss measures to combat the Omicron variant. President of the European Executive Ursula von der Leyen He reported on the meeting on Twitter and explained how Commission members focused on some of the priorities: “increasing sequencing and tracing capacity, accelerating vaccines and third doses, and returning EU nationals to southern Africa.” To echo the president also Paolo Gentiloni: “More vaccinations, no panic.”

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