Costa Brava and Plau Verde have 32 accommodations

Costa Brava and Plau Verde have 32 accommodations

The summer of 2023 was the last summer that Costa Brava and Blau Verde Hotels operated in this way. Since this spring, the 30 hotels stuck between the two have been part of a group called Grans Hotels de Catalunya (or, in the case of smaller hotels, Petits Grans Hotels de Catalunya), which was born from the ambition of the two for companies to be able to add hotels to their network that are not in Girona or Costa Brava. Thus, this consortium starts with the goal of reaching 50 hotels in five years, mainly including properties in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and Lleida.

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The idea of ​​its promoters is that this will become “the largest association of independently managed hotels”. This means that Grans Hotels de Catalunya is the umbrella that generally covers family businesses that stand out for their charm or prime location. These companies retain their own brand and character, but gain the commercial and technological strength of a large group.

According to the promoters of this new brand, hotels benefit from greater visibility, marketing and communication required by the group's participation in exhibitions and agreements with public bodies, as well as technological tools that are much more affordable when shared such as a web portal subscriber.

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