Moving to a new iPhone has never been easier: Three ways to quickly transfer all your contacts

Moving to a new iPhone has never been easier: Three ways to quickly transfer all your contacts

Do you want to change and move to the new iPhone but the thought of losing your contacts scares you? Here's what you need to do to get your address book in an instant.

When you decide to change the device, it is always there Address book problem. Avoid talking about those times when you have to change the smartphone not of your own will but because an accident occurred and the device in question is no longer usable, even if you have deliberately chosen to stop the smartphone you have and switch to a smartphone. The new iPhone is out there Some tricks Which you can implement to make traffic less disruptive.

Sync all your contacts on your new iPhone instantly even if you switch from Android –

And it would definitely be great to do everything new A function called NameDrop. But unfortunately, at least for now, Apple has decided that this fun function that is also the subject of some commercials can only be used to exchange your phone number with someone who also owns an iPhone.

They are there though Other systems Which you can use to transfer not your contact to someone else's address book but your entire contact list to your new Apple device; Even if it's not as simple as NameDrop, it's definitely more convenient Don't start copying numbers or Save them little by little That people are calling you.

How to get all your address book on the new iPhone

Your new iPhone is ready to show you great magic, but without the contacts in your address book, you're feeling a little lonely. For this reason, what you need to do is pass the address book to the new device. The method always works It is to pass The all-in-one AirDrop app. For those who own more than one Apple device, AirDrop is the fastest way to share everything going from one device to another.

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How do you get all the address book on new iPhone? With these apps! -The idea of ​​a computer

So it works if you have it Two iPhones And it's very fast. To transfer contacts via AirDrop, make sure the two devices are near each other and share the network, open the Contacts app and select all the devices you want to transfer. When asked how you want to transfer contacts, choose this application and Everything will transfer to your new iPhone Within a few seconds.

However, as mentioned earlier, this system only works if you're switching from an old iPhone to a new one: Android systems don't have AirDrop. Alternative in case Different operating system It's not pen and paper. What you can do is open Contacts application Copy what you want to transfer, then put it as text inside a file WhatsApp message To send to yourself.

When you open WhatsApp on your new iPhone, the message will be delivered and you'll then be able to see your entire address book ready for use. Always in situations where you find yourself having to switch from Android to iPhone, you can take advantage of Google account sync Or use your computer by downloading Contacts transfer application Which uses the computer as a bridge between the two devices.

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