Confused to CM: Inter are in economic difficulties, why is Galliardini exiled? Mourinho was concluding ‘| first page

Confused to CM: Inter are in economic difficulties, why is Galliardini exiled?  Mourinho was concluding ‘|  first page

Confused, what is the problem with Inter?
“It seems to me that we have neglected Inter’s economic difficulties. They find themselves with something that they cannot achieve. No one wants to hear that Inter is a club in difficulty.”

With what consequences?
“Inter does not have a team yet, we are moving forward with self-financing. But if you have to face debt first, you are struggling to strengthen the team.”

Last year there was Lukaku and Hakimi.
“Of course, but don’t stop there. There was Eriksen, for a while Nainggolan, there was Pinamonti who scored 9 goals in Empoli this year.”

The argument is that Brozovic is missing.
“Okay, but I wonder: is it possible that the level team does not have a replacement for Brozovic? It is incomprehensible. Inzaghi has tried them all, but he lacks one who can make the ball spin. He does not have a first, I am not saying champion, he was from Possibly a hero like Sala dello Spezia is enough for him – to say – if you have to redo the parquet, call the parquet, not a house painter.

You say that Inter has no equal team.
“Of course, no they didn’t. Inter did well as long as they played with the same team, and then they found themselves without valid alternatives. And remember that Vidal and Vecino stayed because they had no market.”

What do Peuli and Spalletti have more?
“Pioli and Spalletti find more solutions. And anyway they have a more suitable team. Inter spent 30 million for Korea, he’s a good player but he’s always had 15 absences a year. And you know. That was sup. For Inzaghi. Just like Kaiseido who He has not played continuously for a year and a half. Juventus have their problems but they have Kane as their third striker. The truth is that no one wants to see Inter as a difficult team. The most obvious reflection is in the composition of the team.”

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Was it Sunday Mourinho?
“He was fantastic. Mourinho realized he was starting to decline. His popularity wasn’t going to hold up to defeat in the derby. It would have been the beginning of the end. If he lost badly, all the smoke and a little roast would come out. Mourinho understood there was a lot more to play than just a game.” And he made a stroke of genius. He removed Zaniolo, who is strong but creates chaos, because he has physical capabilities beyond technical means. He put on four half wings and two half boots, Pellegrini and Mkhitaryan. And he did not show the ball to Lazio.”

The Mourinho we knew is back. One of the improvised strikes.
“Yes, he’s not a strategist, but in one game he can do great things. And he’s done it in the past.”

I remember the win at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea in the Champions League in the year of the Treble: he won that game.
“Yes, but don’t look away. This year Mourinho has won seven games over 90, made six strikers, four in a row and two added, because he creates chaos and annoys the opponent. It is a stroke of genius that calms down.”

To conclude with Italy: How do we get to this play-off for Qatar 2022?
“Italy and Portugal are theoretically two teams that could win the World Cup. One of them will stay at home, we can’t tell which one, but they also lose. Of course, Macedonia is first: but if you lose against Macedonia you deserve not to go to the World Cup.”

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