7,000 additional deaths in Europe during the pandemic

7,000 additional deaths in Europe during the pandemic

Tuberculosis killed an additional 7,000 people in Europe during the epidemicFreebec

the past March 24 It was held World TB Day. With this year's slogan “Yes! We can end tuberculosis!” it aims to accelerate efforts and end the global epidemic of this disease.Global Health Organization Warning of rising cases of tuberculosis in Europe.

The World Health Organization reveals, based on the study conducted by the European Office and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, 7,000 additional deaths for every Tuberculosis During the epidemic Covid-19 In Europe – compared to expert expectations following previous estimates for 2020 -. The report indicates that the reason for the increase in deaths resulting from tuberculosis is the epidemic, as the health crisis led to the cessation of diagnosis and treatment of the disease. In addition, the study highlights the prevalence of tuberculosis and the upward trend in the disease's resistance to drugs designed to combat it. Although the data show a higher number of diagnoses than in the previous year, WHO is urging national authorities to strengthen TB testing and diagnosis programmes. According to the study, in 2022, 38 of the 53 WHO member states in Europe reported an upward trend in the number of patients infected with TB. At the same time, there is also concern about the effectiveness of treatments, which according to the report is six out of 10 in countries around the world. European Union.

the Tuberculosis It is an infectious disease caused by a microorganism called MMicrobial tuberculosisalso known as bacillus hut. Transmission of this infection occurs through respiratory emissions generated when an infected person coughs, talks, or sneezes. It affects different areas of the body, although the most common form occurs in the lung area. Although it is necessary to have the disease to develop the disease, it is just that 10% of infected people develop tuberculosis throughout their lives. Therefore, it is crucial to distinguish between simple infection and the presence of tuberculosis.

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he World TB DayThis recently celebrated occasion highlighted the urgent need to end the global epidemic of this disease. The data revealed by the World Health Organization, derived from the comprehensive study on the situation in Europe, is alarming. Although an increase in the number of diagnoses has been observed, a continued effort is necessary to prevent an increase in cases. It is crucial that national and international authorities prioritize this issue and implement effective measures to address this situation.

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