Conducted in the investigation, taken 28 years. “He stabbed them in their sleep.” That’s what it is

Conducted in the investigation, taken 28 years.  “He stabbed them in their sleep.”  That’s what it is

turned yellow from studentsUniversity of Idaho He was martyred on the night of last November 13, and was slain with stab wounds. a young man of 28 years old, Brian Christopher Kohberger, accused of murdering the four boys: identified by DNA – CNN reports citing some sources – bail was denied. Kohberger’s arrest comes after weeks of a death investigation Kylie Goncalves, Madison Maugin, Zana Kernodel, and Ethan Chapinwere killed in the rented house where they lived near their university campus.

Also, as CNN reports, Kohberger was studying criminology and was participating in a research project to “understand how emotions and psychological traits influence decisions when a crime is committed.” The project focused on more recent crimes and focused on the “thoughts and feelings” she experienced during the crime.

Students found dead at home: It’s a mystery. Neighbors sound the alarm

The turning point in the investigation into the murder of the students

After weeks of investigations and many criticisms of slow operations, police detained the 28-year-old in Pennsylvania and requested his extradition to Idaho on formal first-degree murder charges. The boy was arrested at his home at 3 am on Friday by a SWAT team. A white Hyundai Elantra parked in front of the house had been targeted by the authorities for several days. The reasons why Kohberger would have moved are not yet known. According to rumors, the boy had no criminal record and graduated from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, near where the four 20-year-old students were murdered.

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The Four Boys Massacre: A Brutal Spectacle

The police found the victims after some of their friends raised the alarm after dozens of unsuccessful phone calls. The agents who arrived at the scene declared that they had found themselves faced with a brutal scene, “the worst scene ever.” Autopsies revealed an attempt to defend themselves by the students he had attacked in their sleep. An investigation began immediately, but for weeks investigators were unable to identify a suspect or locate the murder weapon, prompting a barrage of criticism from victims’ families frustrated by the lack of progress.

Kohberger’s arrest now seems to solve the mystery of the killer, even if the details have not been established, and above all whether it was a crime aimed at the four students. The killing of the four boys shocked Moscow, a small town in Idaho with a population of 25,000, 11,000 of whom were students. Many students in the university camp refused to return to class for fear of being assaulted, in part as a protest against the police for the lack of progress in the investigation.

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