Competitive Game Promo Announces Various News –

Competitive Game Promo Announces Various News –

Game Freak and Nintendo released a new one today tractor for pokemon scarlet and violetThe new chapter coming to the Nintendo Switch mainly focused on the news planned for competitive game.

Let’s see among the new creatures presented in the video cyclazar, a Dragon/Normal type Pokémon, is able to use the new Tail Cutter move that creates a copy and sends another Pokémon to the battlefield. In the same fight, we see Azumarill using the new Carbon Leaf gadget, which is able to copy increases to the opponent’s stats.

Another new element visible in the trailer is Teracrystallization, which is able to change the type of Pokémon and the characteristics of this, in fact by drastically changing the cards on the table during combat and introducing a somewhat unpredictable element into the fight.

Among the novelties, the new also appears a tool “Penetrating dice”, capable of hitting several hits with multi-point movements. Associated with the Teracrystallization crystal, also appears the new Teracoppio movement, which changes type when the user is under the influence of Teracrystallization.

All of these innovations show a certain evolution applied by Game Freak to the combat system presented in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which should make the new chapter something somewhat new within the series’ jigsaw, waiting to be seen how these innovations are effectively reflected in gameplay. .

Meanwhile, the 2022 Pokémon World Cup was held this weekend.

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