Companies from Girona promote a project to apply artificial vision to the meat industry

Companies from Girona promote a project to apply artificial vision to the meat industry

Companies from Girona promote a project to apply artificial vision to the meat industryDJ

The meat industry in Girona is not only one of the strongest industries in the demarcation, but also one of the sectors that traditionally favors innovation. now, A project in which the Girona Batali team participates Together with the Catalan alternative meat and protein group, INNOVAC; Beringer Engineers; TEMIC and i+Porc (Spanish group of pig livestock producers) 108,672 will receive support approved at the Innovative Business Groups Helpline (II) 2023.

“Food Picking System: An automated picking solution using volumetric synthetic vision for cutting meat” Feasibility study of a robotic prototype with the integration of a 3D synthetic vision scanner, allowing to reduce product placement and positioning times The entrance to the pork packing room was studied, as well as the physical load and workload required for the line operator. All this adds up to increased efficiency and the application of technology and innovation, as the Batallé Group explained in a statement.

La Carnia de Riudarenes explains that the cutting process is “a tense process where they work continuously from slaughter to packaging, and with a large volume of product, the operators have to work continuously and at high speed.” In addition, he stated that companies must ensure the food safety of the product, and to achieve this “it is very important to minimize handling of the products”, to reduce the risks of cross-contamination and microbiological contamination. Energy optimization in production processes is also important.

For this reason, the goal is to automate the “selection” process, Create an automated solution for applying product installation and positioning on the conveyor belt, as well as an analysis of the safety and energy efficiency of the prototype. “It should be noted that the product range will be chaotic, that is, the product will enter the line in an unorganized manner and with heterogeneous positions, and here lies the big challenge of the project,” they say. The company confirms that there is no similar prototype on the market with the technology presented in this project.

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Eight projects in the sector

The project in which Batali from Girona is involved is not the only one in the sector that has the support of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. In reality, Eight initiatives of which INNOVAC is a part have been approved to be part of the helpline From the program to support innovative business groups, with a total amount of 962.381 euros.

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