Gasoline and diesel prices, stop to cut production fees and risk 3 euros per liter

Gasoline and diesel prices, stop to cut production fees and risk 3 euros per liter

The measure that lowers gasoline and diesel prices ends. This means that there is a real risk of out-of-control increases.

Gas station price list (ANSA photo)

Petrol and diesel prices, the ruling on cost-cutting citizens about what they spend on refueling is coming to an end. Since last March 21, putting fuel in a car or motorcycle has resulted in a reduction of 25 cents per liter due to the tax fee reduction plus another 5 cents per liter in relation to VAT.

However, gasoline and diesel prices remained high despite this On average about 1.85 euros per liter For both main types of fuel. And indeed, in some cases, people had to turn away Even more than 2 euros per liter.

But that measure is now coming to an end, which initially led to protests from AssoPetroli. May 2 is the last day tax cuts on petrol and diesel prices remain in effect. This wouldn’t be the only problem That we’ll have to prepare for a showdown.

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Gasoline and diesel prices in May 2022, frightening new highs on the way

In fact, new difficulties are expected regarding the transportation of goods, such as diesel and gasoline They transport 80% of the vehicles which supplies both production plants, supermarkets and outlets in Italy.

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With fuel prices on the rise again and the tangible specter that could come Three euros per liter To refuel, the risk of new protests and riots on the highway by carriers is repeated.

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It was exactly this last March, with a sortie and protests of a certain importance, in front of the government Introduced the reduction in production fees. It is not known whether the verdict will be reconfirmed or not The thing that should not be ruled out As early as this month and maybe until the end of next June.

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