These countries have chosen to vaccinate against COVID-19

Vaccination against COVID-19, which is being discussed in many countries, including France, is not yet widespread in the world. Most countries that use it limit it to targeted people such as caregivers.

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Vaccination duty is rare for all adults:

: The official Tajik agency has issued a government order requiring all citizens over the age of 18 to be vaccinated, without providing further details and stating under what conditions the duty will be applied.

: A note dated February 8 made vaccination mandatory for residents and staff working in the world’s smallest state. Penalties can theoretically be waived.


Many countries or regions have introduced compulsory vaccinations for certain types of populations:

: An ordinance dated May 25 compels doctors and health workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The duty has been challenged in court by 300 Italian caretakers and a trial is scheduled for July 14.

: The government announced on June 16 that it would make full corona virus vaccination compulsory for all working in English retirement homes, including non-medical staff such as hairdressers, beauticians and volunteers, who will have to be fully vaccinated by October if they wish to continue working there. Parliament has not yet approved the move.

: On May 16, the mayor of Moscow ordered a mandatory vaccination of employees in the service sector if President Vladimir Putin opposes a duty at the national level. About 60% of them, or about two million people, should be vaccinated by August 15. Since then, other local companies, including St. Petersburg and its environs, have taken similar steps.

: On July 1, the country ordered compulsory vaccination of most employees in contact with others. Those who refuse injections will be barred from communicating with customers or other persons.

: The city of San Francisco announced on June 23 that it was asking about 35,000 employees, including police and firefighters, to be vaccinated against COVID-19. However, this requirement will not take effect until the vaccines are fully approved by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (FDA).

In addition, more than 150 staff at one of Texas’ largest hospitals have been laid off or resigned after refusing to be vaccinated against Govt-19. Some staff had complained against the hospital, but the complaint was dismissed.

: The obligation has not yet been finalized, but the government is working on a bill to make it compulsory for caregivers to be vaccinated, while the vaccination rate for caregivers is 57% in nursing homes and 64% in nursing homes. On the other hand, Health Minister Oliver Warren assured that France did not expect a vaccine obligation for all French people.


In some countries, the duty is not formal, but the restrictions for the undeclared are similar to a semi-duty:

: The Kingdom announced on May 18 that vaccination will be mandatory from August onwards to enter public and private institutions, including educational and recreational areas and public transport. And only vaccinated employees in the public and private sectors can return to their workplace.

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: From July 1, the province of Balochistan in southwest Pakistan has banned access to public services, parks, shopping malls and public transport.


Elsewhere in the country, officials who refuse to vaccinate Govt-19 in the CVT province will not be paid from July, while the Punjab province has threatened to cut off phones for those who refuse to be vaccinated.

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