Cologne 1-2 Milan: Giroud’s double in the first friendly match

Cologne 1-2 Milan: Giroud’s double in the first friendly match

The Rossoneri immediately shone despite several important absences: the French striker unleashed the first half, and Adly on the field in the second. It ends with a score of 2-1, and Hector is shortened in the final

By our correspondent Fabio Bianchi

Ibrahimovic can recover safely. Origi can recover very quietly. A lot of Milan has Olivier Giroud. On the first exit, he gave two pearls and led the Rossoneri to win their first serious friendly match (and the first trophy, the Telekom Cup) against Cologne who did everything to put the Rossoneri in difficulty but paid for the difference in quality and, well, the game. Even if it was still Milan 2, with many absent owners.

Oliver immediately

The Germans, who advanced in preparations because their championship began a week ago (sic, there they go to the World Cup), started strong. Also because it should have honored a hot and numerous crowd (50,000 spectators for a friendly match, even if it was with the Italian champions). But Milan fell behind very well with the inclusion of Kalulu, who has just returned, in the middle of the defense alongside the good Gabbia. Thanks to the super-lubricated mechanics, he began grinding the match and searching for the heart of his striker who responded to the pressure in a superb way. The advantage came from a very beautiful move, which Messias started and ended with Rebek’s heel for Giroud who drilled for the goalkeeper and escorted the ball into the goal. not finished. About twenty minutes later, as Cologne was trying to push from the left accompanied by Kaines, the Frenchman, who was in good shape, accompanied by Diaz, hit a shot under the crossbar, finding a useful turn. Then he tried with a triple stone, but Schwab refused. In short, the Germans were amazed by the greatness of the Rossoneri.

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Aiming vigilance

In the second round, the colony started as it began and in the 10th minute created a danger with Uth, another interesting player along with Kainz: he got rid of Kalulu who in the previous period was able to make up for it with experience. . Milan, with the inclusion of Adly in the puncture (few opportunities to show off), however, kept the field very well, with maneuvers now saved. But we actually only played a quarter of an hour, because Pioli then changed half a team, adding Maldini and several Primavera players. After a few minutes, Bomgard imitated him. The greater enthusiasm of the Germans made the difference. He called Milan in defense and Mirante – on the pitch in the second half – to show his skills: a brilliant two-step save on Oth but then had to surrender to Hector. Somewhat bad. The first part, the one for Super Giroud, has been calculated.

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