Collboni does not trust the agreement with Trias for Puigdemont and distances himself from Colau

Collboni does not trust the agreement with Trias for Puigdemont and distances himself from Colau

Therefore, Collboni has between 1 and 60 days to conclude the agreement with this potential partner. But as of now, the two approaches to alliance with the absolute majority in the plenum – the enthusiastic social alliance or the leftist tripartite alliance – have made little progress, and show signs of flagging.

Postponing the meeting with Colao

As revealed by interested parties, the Colboni government has only sat down so far together For Barcelona in meetings that resemble negotiations. Although he is the leader of the post-convergence ranks, Xavier TriasHe specified in an interview that, in his opinion, there are no talks, not negotiations, and meetings sun– They started together before Christmas and resumed as soon as they started in 2024, party sources confirmed to EL PERIÓDICO.

Yesterday was supposed to be the turn of the House of Commons. Colau confirmed to Catalunya Radio on Saturday that in his case there is no dialogue of this kind, just like the municipal group ofERC He also denies that he concluded anything that could be considered a negotiation. But the former mayor made it clear that day that she had scheduled a meeting yesterday with Colbone.

The appointment was agreed on January 9, when the groups gathered in Sant Jaume Square for a minute of silence for a woman who was murdered in Sant Martí in December, in another case of male violence. He added: “I told him that it would be good to meet, and he said yes. We agreed to meet.” Finally, early yesterday, the House of Commons warned that the appointment had been put on hold by the mayor, without explaining why.

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The distance between the PSC and the House of Commons is more than visible. A succession of crossed arrows in plenary and in the media strained relations between the two groups. And working in councilThere is a colaAfter his refusal to run in the European elections, he generated reluctance among the socialists.

From Trias to Puigdemont

president Barcelona commonAda Colau defends that there are “many signs of collusion” from the Socialists with Trias's supporters than in the House of Commons, but admits doubts that an agreement is close. Trias explained to this newspaper that the two parties are holding meetings of two types: Councilor Ramon Tremosa (Together) meets with Vice Mayor Jordi Valls (PSC) to discuss budgets, and as for the terms of a possible agreement, councilors Jordi Martí Galbez and Neus meet. Monty (together) met with the municipal director, Albert Dalmau.

However, the year did not start well for this final alliance. Because if the social agreement in Barcelona made sense from a programmatic standpoint, if the so-called economic sectors praised it before its arrival, and if the businessmen who cordially received the mayor in forums such as the “Cercle d'Economia” asked him to bet on this agreement. Regarding the agreement with the Trias and Colav Refuge, an external factor has now emerged.

There was a state of turmoil between… PSOE The Socialist Workers' Party (Junts al Congrés) is fueling fears in Barcelona that the PSC-Junts municipal government is being exposed to an extended wave from the potential explosion of the agreement the Socialist Workers' Party made with Carles Puigdemont's party. The pro-independence parties granted the position to Pedro Sánchez at the expense of an almost daily visit to the dentist, in order to vote by vote, to maintain the stability that threatens to remain precarious throughout the legislature.

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In addition, it should be taken into account that Trias is now the one who leads the singing voice in the municipal group Junts, but he will not stay for the whole semester. He has announced on several occasions that he will leave when it becomes clear who rules Colpone, whether it is his party or not. Once he withdraws, who will the PSC be able to hold accountable if things go wrong?

On January 31, Colbone will attend the College of Journalists at its first annual “The Mayor Responds” conference. Some sources believe that the outcome could be known in this event or at least give clues as to whether the mayor has decided to conclude an agreement with the Junts, an agreement with Barcelona in Comú and the ERC, or the third option of a minority but stable alliance with the Republicans. After waiting for so long, there doesn't seem to be any option out of the question at all.

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