Club World Cup, successful debut and qualification to the semi-finals: 3-1 over Paykan

Club World Cup, successful debut and qualification to the semi-finals: 3-1 over Paykan

Betim (Brazil), December 08, 2022

Club World Cup, successful debut and qualification to the semi-finals: 3-1 over Paykan

Sriki Lesinac in attack during the second set: 16 points for the Serbian (Photo: Gustavo Rabelo – BH Foto)

The 2022 FIFA Club World Cup begins with a valuable and deserved success for Trentino Itas, as he immediately scored tonight in Brazil with a 3-1 score at the Ginacio Polisportivo Divino Braga against Iran in Paykan, Tehran. A result that immediately puts Giallobl at the top of the Group B standings for the first stage with Minas and which, at the same time, already allows them to separate the ticket to the semi-finals on Saturday. Also thanks to the hosts’ opening round success on Paykan itself, Friday’s 10.15pm game against Brazil will only serve to allocate the top final spot in the rankings and draw Final Four doubles compared to the qualifying qualifiers. From the TO pool.
The starting tenth adventure of the Via Trainer Club World Championships was marked by convincing performances, especially in the first two sets. Led by Kaczewski (23 points at the end with 61% on goal and 4 aces on goal), Gialubli immediately took charge of the game’s operations, taking a 2-0 lead thanks to good work done in blocking and counterattacking. The third set, marked by the opponents’ initial reaction but also by a long pause due to the blackout in the arena’s lighting system, saw Trentino Itas less continuity and clarity and made two fouls precisely when he was leading 25-25. However, Lorenzetti’s side, two goals to one, faltered no further, rediscovering accuracy and effectiveness in all the essentials; Mate made the difference again, well supported by his two high-ball teammates (Micheletto 17 points at 65% and Lavia 15 at 44%) and from the Serbian central pair: Lesinac scored 16 times at 60%, three blocks and an ace; Podrascanin 10 with 4 aces and a block.

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The following is the schedule of matches for the first round of Group B for the first stage of the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup, which was held at dawn at the Ginasio Polisportivo Divino Braga stadium in Betim.

Paykan Tehran – Trentino Itas 1-3
(20-25, 21-25, 27-25, 19-25)
Paykan: Faizi 11, Chakuri 3, Amin 27, Afshanfar 2, Falah 5, Fada 2, Hazratpur (left); Scene 8, Reda, Sabry. Ne Zarini, Shafi’i, Aslani. Everyone is in the faith of Akbari.
Trentino Itas: Sbertoli 2, Michieletto 17, Podrascanin 10, Kaziyski 23, Lavia 15, Lisinac 16, Laurenzano (L); Deher, Indigo, Dzavoronok. Ni Cavuto, Pace, Berger and DePalma. The herd is Angelo Lorenzetti.
the reviewer: Vera Mikan (Peru) and Cacador (Brazil).
Fixed term: 21′, 23′, 78′, 22′; Total 2 hours 24 minutes.
note: Almost 500 spectators. Paykan: 3 blocks, 2 aces, 12 hitting errors, 10 procedural errors, 51% in offense, 40% (21%) in reception. Trentino Itas: 9 blocks, 10 serve yards, 21 fielding errors, 5 playback errors, 58% on offense, 59% (20%) on reception.

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