Club World Cup, FIFA decides today to calculate the standings. It will last for a month!

Club World Cup, FIFA decides today to calculate the standings.  It will last for a month!

In the first edition of the new clubs World Cup There is still a year and a half to go, but to create Who will participate in the competition scheduled in the United States in 2025 The next few months will be crucial. Among the European clubs, the winners of the last three Champions League editions (Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City) have already qualified and will be joined by the winner of the 2023/2024 Big Cup and eight other teams. It is determined by ranking. there Juventus, who missed European competitions this season, cannot increase his tally: his chances depend on the performance of other Italians in the Champions League. Let’s see why. According to what Sky News collected, the competition will be held over a period of 29 days from June 15 to July 13..

Club World Cup 2025: What we know

The official criteria have not been announced by FIFA yet, but it is already known that only points won in the last four editions of the Champions League will count. In the 2025 Club World Cup, the competition received strong support from Gianni Infantino, 32 teams will participate, 12 of which will be European. How will they be selected? There can be no more than two teams per country, but it will be necessary to understand which of the two calculation systems will be taken into account. But what are they? Let’s go and discover them.

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