Civil war between Democrats threatens Biden’s agenda

Washington, USA | The mediators accused the campaigners of being too close to the Republicans at the outset or of pushing for irresponsible spending: Democrats are tearing themselves apart around the Titanic investment plans that Joe Biden wants, a less consensus opinion in Congress.

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After muttering behind the scenes during several weeks of talks, tensions erupted in the ruling party in broad daylight this week, with unheard-of aggression approaching a major deadline on Thursday.

At the risk of adopting two cornerstones of the president’s plan: $ 1.2 trillion in infrastructure investment and $ 3.5 trillion in reforming America’s social structure, as well as the fight against climate change.

If the Democrats do not reach an agreement quickly as they risk losing their majority in Congress in November 2022, the extraordinary, historic sums may go unnoticed.

Faced with this opportunity, they did not block … blows against their own camp.

Stumbling block

The war basically opposes the left and opposes two central senators, Joe Munchin and Kirsten Cinema, who actually have a blocking power in the upper house.

As a sign of their influence, they were recalled to the White House on Tuesday for private meetings with the president, who is trying to find a way out of trouble in his plans.

Joe Biden postponed a trip to Chicago on Wednesday to continue talks with his troops.

Dozens of left-wing elected officials are threatening to defeat the House of Representatives’ scheduled vote that day for the final adoption of the infrastructure plan if no agreement is reached by Thursday.

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They demand that they vote before social reforms because they suspect that once the central government succeeds in infrastructure it will withdraw support for this, very easily “marketable” to their voters.

Distrust within the same party.

“Republicans” among Democrats

Problem: The social reform plan has not yet been finalized on a number of important issues, including its actual amount.

Two centrist senators long ago considered it $ 3.5 trillion, too expensive. But did not disclose how much they would be willing to support.

“I’m sorry to see them use elements of the Republican Party.

In early September, his young colleague and American actor Alexandria Occasio-Cortes exhausted a Democratic senator from the rural and mining state of West Virginia who voted in favor of Donald Trump.

“Manjin meets with the Exxon oil group twice a week, and he is one of many senators who give their pens to lobbyists to write bills,” he charged.

The 74-year-old senator then responded that the 31-year-old elector only tried to “divide, divide, separate.”

“Not a section”

Arizona Senator Kirsten is the most sensible in the face of the cinematic media, but his influence is no less.

Behind the scenes of the rare deal with the opposition over infrastructure, he is also the target of the wrath of the elected officials’ left, accusing him of holding central positions while his state is now democratically voting.

In the past, if the Left Party has fallen under pressure from Democratic leaders in the past, this time its position has become more convincing and it seems difficult to resolve the controversy.

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Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who votes with Democrats, wrote Tuesday that “let it be very clear.” “If the infrastructure bill is submitted on its own on Thursday, it will violate the agreement reached within the Democratic Committee,” he called on elected officials from the House to vote against the case, to move forward with two major Biden plans. .

Hakeem Jeffries, one of the Democrats’ leaders in the House, set aside questions about the civil war on Tuesday and sent a bike to Republicans who “knelt” in front of Donald Trump.

“We are not a faction, we are an alliance.”

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