The rich gift from the government

The rich gift from the government

Bonds Bonds, the arrival of government assistance to fight price hikes. The Energy Decree urges the use of renewable energy sources. Let’s see how.

A new bonus is coming to counteract stellar surges of light and gas. The goal is to exploit renewable energies.

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Citizens are screaming government interventions To effectively counter the increases in electricity and gas that burden homes and businesses. The epidemic and the war in Ukraine have seriously destabilized the situation in Europe and the world. Covid 19 has affected every aspect of life Inflicting deep wounds on us all is slow to heal. Just when a glimmer of light started to appear, an even more devastating event slapped us back In case of emergency. The war between Russia and Ukraine is not only a defeat for man and his humanity, but a weapon that he possesses Economic repercussions Unacceptable. Hence the government’s decision to speed up the fight against price hikes by interfering with the energy decree.

Bonus bills, a metric to know

On March 1, 2022, the Decree-Law was issued which stipulates the possibility to proceed with the installation of solar panels. Without needing any permission. Simplify the procedures used to speed up the installation of a renewable energy system on rooftops, condominiums and on farm roofs, In fields and above-ground structures. The ultimate goal, understandably, is to contain electricity and natural gas costs.

The bureaucratic simplification It will concern the installation of plants for renewable sources, and the definition of one model of plants with energy included between 50 and 200 kW, Regulating the development of photovoltaic cells in agriculture and rationalizing licensing procedures for marine plants. Moreover, simplification affects renewable plants in appropriate areas and closed circuit geothermal probe stations. Suspension of licenses, permits and administrative procedures that prolong the implementation time of the intervention. Anyone can install solar panels in any way.

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New procedures on the way

In addition to the bonus bills that allow the installation of solar panels without the need for permits, are provided Within 60 days Arrival of rulings by the Ministry of Environmental Transformation regarding the installation of plants on the land geothermal energy production and sound waves capable of heating entire buildings, producing electricity and air conditioning.

Extension is also pending in the report to photovoltaic cells whose market demand is growing exponentially which will be in line with Superbonus 110% and the extension given on the timing of completion of works has moved to December 31, 2022 Only on the condition that 30% of eligible interventions are completed within 30%.

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