Checkpoints, new technology make you a killer through this test they cheat you

Checkpoints, new technology make you a killer through this test they cheat you
This is the new device available to law enforcement (web)

The tools and devices available to our police forces are constantly updated in order to be more effective in controlling traffic violations. We already know, for example, that speed cameras are a real disaster for any motorist. However, not much is known about this device that we could soon see on our roads …

Car traffic is definitely not something to be taken lightly. In fact, road accidents are recorded every day which in many cases turns out to be ethical, and proper disclosure of CDS violations is essential for all of us motorists in a way that ensures absolute safety while we are in the car.

The data from the Department of Transportation is very clear in this regard because it indicates very strong trends with regard to this type of accident. Many of these include young novice drivers who clearly do not have the proper skills and knowledge of safe driving in most cases.

When accidents occur which cause damage to property or persons on the spot, the most natural reaction is towards institutions who, in everyone’s opinion, must be more vigilant about what is happening in the street. Here comes the arrival of a new device that will not leave anyone a chance.

This is the new tool available to law enforcement

As we said, there are many tools currently available for the police. Starting with speed cameras that allow you to control the speed of motorists in a very precise way. On the other hand, the educational system has the same objective, which instead works on the motorway network in our country, and although it works differently from a speed camera, it still allows a good detection of this type of violation.

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In addition to these devices, law enforcement agencies can also perform specific tests for certain situations. In fact, as far as the presence of alcohol and drugs in the blood is concerned, they can be easily detected thanks to tests specially designed for these substances.

Field trials have already begun in the UK (web)

Precisely the presence of biomarkers in the blood will be the basis for this specific tool that is about to be adopted in the UK and that would allow detection if a driver is not drowsy while driving.

Therefore, the test will work in a very similar way to a breathalyzer test, and so if it should recognize a higher level of some substance in the blood, it will decide that we are disqualified from driving.

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