Check out a picture with the Silent Hill 5 logo, Blue Box accused of fraud –

Check out a picture with the Silent Hill 5 logo, Blue Box accused of fraud –

Continue with the TV series abandoned, which is a project at the present time that we can define as “a lot of smoke and a little toasting” but on the other hand it manages to entertain thanks to all the “ups” about it. The latest novelty is a stolen artwork featuring a Logomaybe a mistake, from Silent Hill 5 And new allegations claiming that the game is in fact a hoax to lure unwary investors.

We talked to you yesterday about how Leaks related to “Abandoned” surfaced on the net a few days after rumors circulated about the possible existence of Silent Hill. The material was shared on Reddit and included a video taken from the motion capture session, a picture of a wall, and a small piece of text.

The material was shared by a VG News Insider profile who also posted a few hours ago artwork by Abandoned containing the words “Silent Hill 5”. VG News Insider states that this is a fake logo and that BlueBox’s plans are in fact not to build a full game, but rather a paid demo as part of Forgery To attract potential investors and then, suppose, escape with the swag. VG News Insider’s photos and tweets have been deleted along with the profile itself, but that didn’t stop them from going viral online.

Obviously, for now, take all of the above rumors with caution, because nothing is really certain. What is certain is that at this point we are expecting official statements from Blue Box Game Studios on this matter.

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