A new powerful tablet hits the market: 3K resolution and ultra-fast charging

A new powerful tablet hits the market: 3K resolution and ultra-fast charging

A new tablet to replace the one you have now? This model has very fast charging and premium TV resolution.

The tablet segment is experiencing constant movement, and along with the most well-known brands, a whole group of other manufacturers has been created, which, often, despite the names associated with them Budget friendly products They are able to produce devices with really interesting performance and specifications.

This upcoming tablet has a stylus and super fast charging – YouTube screenshot gizmochina – mrinformatico.it

And according to some online insiders, in this case we are talking digital chat station, New details that reach the dimensions and capabilities of the third generation of Vivo tablets. The Chinese company already has more than one new product in the pipeline. Through its sub-brand company it can even distribute Three new products By the end of spring this year or the next Christmas holiday.

The new details that have emerged relate to the screen resolution, size, battery capacity and thus Shipping speed. So, if you are looking for a new tablet and can wait a little longer, Vivo products should be taken into absolute consideration.

The new Vivo tablet with a brand new chip

As we mentioned before, we are still in the realm of speculation but the Chinese source of this information is one of the most reliable sources regarding the products of the Chinese brand Vivo and its sub-brand IQOO. The leaker has already released a series of details, and the most interesting at the moment concerns the chip that should power both the new Vivo Pad 3 and the new IQOO Air: dimension 9300, A chip that has already been extensively tested and is capable of maintaining 60 FPS in gaming activities using the technology 4nm design.

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When the new vivo tablet comes out
Vivo Pad 3, a new wallet-friendly but uncompromising tablet – YouTube screenshot gizmochina – mrinformatico.it

But in addition to the internal chip, we now have information about it Tablet measurementsThen the screen, resolution, and charging system. The battery on your new Vivo tablet should be able to handle 80W fast charging Even if there is no indication of actual capacity. As far as the display is concerned, it should arrive 13 inch, Surpassing the Vivo Pad 2 which instead stopped at 12.1 inches. There has also been a slight step forward in the resolution of this screen. Continuing the comparison with the previous version, Vivo Pad 3 turns into 3K resolution For the IPS panel versus 2.8K of the previous version.

But when should it come out? If the timing of Version 2 is respected, the new Vivo Pad should debut in at least part of the global market. By April of this year. For the Vivo Pad 2, it was already released April 2023. Vivo products have very interesting prices and, together with other Chinese brands, revitalize the entire pen tablet segment in the sub-600 euro price range. So the new Pad 3 should also fit into this price range.

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