Charlene from Monaco speaks from the clinic but ignores her husband Albert

For the first time in months Charlene of Monaco makes a public statement, But his words are not for Alberto. In fact, the princess wanted to thank the Japanese manga authors, raidswho chose her as the protagonist.

Charlene from Monaco breaks the silence and ignores Albert

Charlene from Monaco is still in hospital at one An additional luxury clinic for 18,000 euros per week In Switzerland and this is where it finally happens. Officially, the princess, who has been there since last November, must recover from a state of severe psychophysical exhaustion due to the sore throat, ear and nose that struck her in May 2021.

Therefore, he has not appeared in public for months and has not made any statements. The last post on his Instagram profile posted the official video of his birthday, last January 25th.

All this time, various rumors have surfaced Charlene and her health. It is said that he suffers from Rebecca Syndrome From eating disorders and so it was Disfigured by plastic surgery. His isolation has been interpreted as a sign of an unresolvable marital crisis that on several occasions There was talk of divorce.

Gossip angered Alberto, who repeatedly declared his love for his wife, justifying his dismissal only in order to ensure maximum comfort and tranquility for the princess. A goal that was not actually achieved. Also because in Monte Carlo there are those arguing against Charlene and elbows for a vision. It is located around Nicole Coast Ex-Alberto, who made scathing remarks about the former swimmer.

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Charlene Monaco’s words

On the other hand, Charlene makes herself heard when she sees fit. And so, he says closerShe wanted to thank, through her publisher, and share her joy of her choice for this manga. “I am pleased to release the sixth volume of raidsBeautifully designed by Garry Kasparov and designed by Daitaro Nishihara. The idea of ​​participating in an adventure raids I loved it right away and would like to thank Cédric Biscay (screenwriter and author, editor) for inviting me to discover the world of manga.”

Biscay revealed the background to this project and how Charlene was involved: “I’ve known the princess for a few years. We’re both rugby fans and we’ve had some discussions about the oval. He’s already agreed to sponsor the Magic Pop Culture Festival I’m organizing in the Principality. Clearly. I asked for your consent to make it appear in raids And I went through the formal process. It was about a year ago. He immediately agreed. Later, he was able to see the drawings and did not ask for any changes.”

There will be talk of such a friendly exchange for a long time. Not because of what was said, but because of what was not said, namely Charlene’s silence towards Alberto.

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