Cattaneo on the run, group back in action after big crash – OA Sport

Cattaneo on the run, group back in action after big crash – OA Sport

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Tour de France 2022 ranking

Live broadcast of today’s stage of the women’s tour

14.08 The trailing-up tread feature rises to 3’20 inches. At just 8 kilometres, the track will propose the medium sprint race in Montrond.

14.07 150 km to the finish in Lausanne.

14.05 In this video you can see very well the moment Vermaerke fell. A stumble too ugly for Quintana, who was blocked by the American who ended up on the floor:

14.02 Bike Exchange men arrive to lend a helping hand to Jumbo. Maybe I work for Michael Matthews.

14.00 Punch for Felix Grossschartner as O’Connor nearly struggled to keep the group’s wheels.

13.57 Meanwhile, the first 30 km of the run has been completed. The average time is more than 50 km / h.

13.57 He began pulling Jumbo-Visma at the helm of the group. Van Aert did not give up the idea of ​​shooting on stage even though he missed the escape.

13.55 We recall the formation of fugues: Mattia Cattaneo (Quick Step), Fred Wright (Bahrain-Victorius) and Frederic Frison (Loto Soudal). Its feature is about 3′.

13.53 The crash created an unexpected situation in the race. There were only three riders on the run, at a point where a much larger group of attackers was expected. It can change the expected script dramatically.

13.51 News arrives about the retirement of Kevin Vermaerke, the DSM man who had the worst of the fall.

13.50 Facial wounds reported by Maximilian Schachmann.

13.49 Ben O’Connor is still among the most injured. Damn tour so far for him.

13.48 This is the picture depicting the moment of the maximum fall:

13-46 Those who take advantage of this situation are the three fugitives. Mattia Cattaneo (Quick Step), Fred Wright (Bahrain – Victorious) and Frederick Frieson (Loto Soudal) are up to 1’45”.

13.45 More relaxed atmosphere now in the group. Emirates men and Jumbo-Visma joke among themselves. It’s nice to see these sights even among top competitors.

13.43 The big teams are back on top. George Bennett, with sweeping gestures, orders the other teams to slow down and wait for everyone to return. Fantastic show by the Australian, after several riders kept pushing despite the multitude of mates on the ground,

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13.40 Many of the participating riders are now back in the group. Primus Roglic is also back only now.

13.38 Pogacar flirts with his partner Rafal Majka, so the Slovenian seems to be doing well. We also see Roman Bardet among the late runners.

13.37 Meanwhile, Cattaneo, Frison and Wright’s ride continues. Regardless of the situation in the group, many runners continue to try to escape. The taco stretch of van der Horn.

13.36 Alexander Vlasov, Enrique Mas and Damiano Caruso are also among the late riders. The accident arose in the senior positions of the group, and several men took part in the arrangement.

13.34 Sagan left after changing bike. Still unlucky is Ben O’Connor, who looks hurt.

13.34 The group now slows down waiting for the laggards. Geirant Thomas, Danny Martinez and Tadej Pojaccar are not in the group at the moment.

13.32 Many runners, even the yellow jersey on the ground, happily participated without consequences. On the other hand, Nairo Quintana doesn’t seem quite right. The DSM runner seems to have had the worst of it.

13.31 The big fall in the group!

13.30 15″ is an advantage for the leading trio. Among the most active men is also Wout Van Aert.

13.29 slowing down in a group with the three taking a few meters forward. Then several runners try to get out of the pack to attack.

13.28 Cattaneo does not give up. Try to leave with Fred Wright (Bahrain) and Frederic Frison (Loto Soudal).

13.27 Among the counter-attackers there was also Mattia Cattaneo, but the group closed the hatch.

13.26 Extend a large group of runners trying to shorten the trio of attackers. Arkea’s runner is Amaury Capiot.

13.24 The Dane follows a man from Arkia Samsik and another Italian, Andrea Pasqualon!

13.24 The inevitable Magnus Cort attempt arrives! The Polka Dot Shirt wants to get back to running after a few days off!

13.23 The Italian immediately resumed. The group is going very fast.

13.22 After a short study phase, Christian Spragli was the first to attack!

13.21 We are there! Start stage number 8!

13.20 Not impossible is the scenario in which Tadej Pogacar could leave the shirt to a fugitive, and then try to get it back in the future. In the same way, we can’t rule out the possibility that the big players will want to play for that victory as well.

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13.18 Already mentioned two riders like Wellens and Lutsenko along with another very fit rider like Bauke Mollema are already in the immediate vicinity of the race direction car. They might want to try shooting at km 0.

13.16 Meanwhile, he lost 2 km from the official start.

13.14 The riders who targeted this stage are many. From escape specialists like Warren Barguil or Alexey Lutsenko to dedicated experts like Matej Mohoric or Tim Wellens. This could be the Azzurri’s first win day in this Tour, as Andrea Baggioli or Alberto Pettiol may try to reach the right break.

13.11 Here are the photos of the first group tours:

13.08 Escape may also be preferable as there is another very difficult stage tomorrow. There will likely be a big battle to launch the attack in the first few kilometers.

13.05 The group begins its first rounds on time. 7500 meters before kilo 0 and the official start of the eighth stage.

13.04 Very cloudy day in Dole, do not expect rain on the road but also pay attention to weather conditions.

13.02 This is the overall rating a third of the way. Who knows if it is 4.8 km with an average of 4.6%, but with double-digit peaks, from the last climb will be able to identify some other small differences:

1 POGAČAR Tadej UAE Team Emirates 24:43:14
2 Fingerguard Jonas Jumbo Visma 0:35
3 Thomas Gerrant Ineos Grenadiers 1:10
4 Yeats Adam Inios Grenadiers 1:18
5 GAUDU David Groupama – FDJ 1:31
6 Team Bardet Roman DSM 1:32
7 Pidcock Thomas Inios Grenadiers 1:35
8 POWLESS Neilson EF Education-EasyPost 1:37
9 Team Mass Enrique Moovstar 1:43
10 Martinez Daniel Felipe Inios Grenadier 1:55

13.00 This is the height measurement for today’s stage:

12.57 The group meanwhile is ready to leave. In the front row, the four commander’s shirt holders. In yellow Tadej Pogacar, in green Wout Van Aert, in white Thomas Pidcock while the Polka Dot shirt is still on the shoulders of Magnus Cort.

12.54 The withdrawal of Langen, his yellow teammate, is of particular concern. Hopefully, the Covid nightmare will not decisively affect Grande Boucle.

12.52 It is necessary to bid farewell to two riders who will not start today. Jeffrey Bouchard of AG2R Citroen and Vegard Stake Laengen of Team Emirates had to stop because they tested positive for the swab. A small alarm bell for the group and the organization.

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12.50 today could be an escape day with a challenging road but without major risks from an upside point of view. We’ll see if the big names want to take a quieter day after several stages that have always been at their maximum.

12.47 After Tadej Pogacar’s weakness, the tour continues with a small portion with a very interesting height profile. 4 expected GPM, including his arrival on the climb to the Olympic Stadium in Lausanne, after the encroachment on Swiss soil.

12.45 Hello everyone and welcome to the live broadcast of the 8th stage of the 186.3km Tour de France in Lausanne!

Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the eighth stage of the Tour de France 2022, 186.3 km Dole-Lausanne. The Grande Boucle will cross into Switzerland, specifically in the canton of Vaud, for a rather vital part but that shouldn’t change much of the overall classification. After yesterday’s efforts on the Super Planche des Belles Filles.

The start is quite calm, with about thirty kilometers flat before starting to climb a bit. After the flying finish line in Montroud, you encounter a calm stretch before the first GPM of the day, Côte de Marche (2km 5.7%), followed by an unrecorded climb, Col de Savin.

Go down for five kilometers, before Cote de Roses, Category III with a length of 6.7 kilometers with a rate of 5%; Then it follows a 30 kilometer long stretch, where you will cross the Swiss border until you reach Colonel De Petra Felix (2.4 km by 1.5%). From there the last 50 kilometers, the first 30 kilometers downhill and another 15 kilometers uphill, which leads to the last climb, Cote de Stade Olympic With a slope of 4.6%, however, it is distorted by a slope extension. In fact, the penultimate kilometer touches 12%, and perhaps some men in the rating with a slight delay will try to make a sortie.

Tour de France 2022: Pogacar La Planche des Belles Filles! Slovenian Fake Vinggaard in the yellow jersey

The group’s departure is scheduled for 13.05, while our live broadcast will start at 13.00. Good fun!

Photo: La Presse

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