Can mopping, dusting, or scrubbing the bathroom be good for the heart?

Can mopping, dusting, or scrubbing the bathroom be good for the heart?

Vacuum, scrub or dust bath From the whole house she is Tasks that usually cause a lot of lazinessWe tend to put it off until we have no other choice. but, And Recent study Led by the University of Sydney (Australia).), gives a good reason to do housework: They can save your life.

no kidding the studypublished in at least one scientific journal Lancet Public Health, So conclude rubbing or scratching the floor, Cleaning windows or Performing household tasks that require some physical effort can reduce the risk of heart attacksCerebrovascular accidents and even premature death.

Exercising in short periods and with high intensity

Household chores are an easy way to exercise and improve our health Freebec

Researchers have realized this Exercising is always good for healthwithout having to follow a structured routine.

This is how the lead author of the study explains it Professor Emmanuel StamatakisFrom the Charles Perkins Center at the University of Sydney:

  • “Some Climb stairs to quickly clear the floor They provide benefits to our health, Not just gym sessions. However, we realized that we know little about the positive effects of this Intermittent physical activity I'm “accidental” involved in household chores.”

That's why scientists from the University of Sydney have collaborated with University College London, the University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh, Loughborough University and the University of Oxford. The study followed more than 25,000 adults between the ages of 42 and 78 who did not exercise for eight years.

Everything was collected thanks to one The device they carried in the dummy I recorded Both exercise styles Intermittent physical

They then linked that data to the participants' medical histories, to monitor how the duration and intensity of exertion affected health.

One to three minutes of moderate activity reduces mortality

The death rate decreases significantly if we exercise for 1 to 3 minutes freepik

The results were surprising. The study suggests that people can Reducing the risk of cardiovascular accidents If they do moderate-intensity daily activities, even if it's just for a minute.

The data revealed this The mortality rate has been reduced The longer the duration of physical exertion, although the benefits were already noticeable between 1 and 3 minutes:

  • Less than 1 minute. Mortality rate 4.28%
  • Entrance 1 for 3 minutes. Mortality rate 2.83%
  • Between two 3 and 5 minutes. Mortality rate 2.09%

As for heart disease, they found that seizures Less than 10 minutes of high intensity They were linked to one Strong reduction in cardiac events Important, such as heart attacks or strokes.

  • “The bottom line is this Any kind of activity is good For health's sake, however The higher the voltage You do those daily tasks and conserve that energy for a longer period of time. More benefits You will,” affirms Professor Stamatakis.

An observational study found that housework is good for the heart Photo of Klimkin

Why is this data so revealing?

  • “The idea of ​​accumulating short periods of moderate to vigorous activity through activities of daily living makes… Physical activity has become easier “For people who don't want or can't participate in structured exercise,” he says. Study by co-author Matthew Ahmadi.

The researchers say the study provides some of the first direct evidence to support the idea The movement does not have to be completed in continuous sessions of 10 minutes or more to be beneficial. Even the World Health Organization claims so “Every step is important to improve health”.

However, it is worth noting that Observational nature of the study This means that researchers cannot prove cause and effect with certainty. So they insist that they will have to further investigate the case.

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