CALIFORNIA: A victory for the Democratic camp and the governor who wins the referendum

Victory for Joe Biden’s Democratic Camp: California voters have decided to keep their governor in office, with his opponents voting overwhelmingly “no” in a referendum organized to oust him. The media.

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Within an hour of the close of voting (8:00 pm local time, 3:00 pm GMT Wednesday morning), the “no” received two-thirds of the vote after counting more than 60% of the votes already counted. CNN and NBC

With such a presence, both channels hope that Democrat Gavin Newsom will be the governor of the most populous state in the United States and will complete his term even if the Republican vote balances the score in the coming hours or days.

About 9 million voters voted in advance, which was able to get quick first predictions.

The outcome of the election dictated health measures to prevent the victory and epidemic of Governor Gavin Newsome, weakened by the Govt crisis, but to the entire Democratic camp.

Evidence of the referendum’s national role in the state, the world’s fifth-largest economy, was presented to President Joe Biden in California on Monday. He supported Newsom and gave him every chance to win this first election. He was elected to the White House last year.

This vote. ” Yes We Californiais are very dear to us, ”Gavin Newsom said after the first results were announced. “As a state, we have said yes to science, yes to vaccines, until the epidemic is over …

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Like Donald Trump, most Republican candidates who hoped to take the governor’s seat began to run in the polls and began to cry about election fraud before the end of the voting process, which is now commonplace in the conservative camp.

Favorite of the “yes” victory event, radical conservative radio presenter Larry Elder has so far refused to say whether he will accept the election results. He launched a website calling on his supporters to condemn any abuses they see in order to protect the “unity” of the vote.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. “We don’t believe those polls, do we?” Kelly Ernby told a crowd of Donald Trump fans in red “Build America again” hats.

Larry Elder, “This is a Donald Trump Clone”, was launched the day before President Joe Biden during his trip near Los Angeles.

$ 280 million

Using the provisions of the California Constitution, disgruntled citizens – rallied too quickly by the Republicans – received this “recall referendum” that would allow them to dismiss a governor outside any election calendar after collecting more than 1.5 million votes.

Echoing the deep divide that divides the United States, California supporters of the referendum are condemning excessive taxes, a democratic “elite” that has been despised by the authorities and considered to have violated individual liberties since the outbreak began.

Opponents saw the dictatorship as a ploy to overthrow the dictatorship in a way that would not reach the conservatives in a classic election.

Voters chose 46 candidates, including 69-year-old African American Larry Elder, 69-year-old African American, transgender icon Caitlin Jenner, and 46 Republicans known to be members of the Kardashian clan. More or less eccentric candidates.

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“We need to remove our governor because I think he’s a corrupt democrat. Senior.

“This poll is ridiculous,” Jake, 38, questioned the AFP as he exited another polling station. Even if every voter actually voted, I calculated that it would cost more than twelve dollars per ballot … ”, he notes.

The cost of the referendum is estimated by officials to be around $ 280 million.

18 years ago, a similar vote allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger to overthrow the then Democratic governor of California.

Referendum on the removal of the Governor in figures

California Voters Decide: They voted “No” in a poll conducted Tuesday by critics of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

Here are some key figures from this election.

  • 66.7: Percentage of voters who rejected Mr Newsom’s dismissal request, according to US media estimates after the polls closed. During this time, 8.3 million votes were counted, about 64% of the total.
  • 1911: This is the year California adopted the practice, allowing disgruntled people to organize a “recall vote” of the governor or other elected officials if they collect the required number of signatures.
  • 55: How many times since then has the petition to recall the governor been initiated?
  • 2: How many times did this practice actually lead to a referendum? The only successful precedent came in 2003 against Democrat Gray Davis. On this occasion “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger took his place.
  • 46: Number of candidates running to replace Gavin Newsom. Of them, 24 are Republicans, nine are Democrats, ten are unregistered, two are Green members and one is a Liberal.
  • 8: Number of candidates with first name Kevin or David, i.e. more than 17% of the total.
  • 22 million: Number of registered voters in this poll. California has a population of 40 million, making it the most populous state in the United States.
  • 7.7 million: Number of votes collected when Gavin Newsom was elected in 2008. His Republican opponent received 4.4 million votes in the debate again this time.
  • 1.5 million: The number of signatures required to trigger the system of withdrawal voting.
  • 350: The basic menu offered by The French Laundry, a three-star Michelin restaurant near San Francisco, is priced in dollars per guest. Newsom was able to see friends, indoors and out of the mask, eating whole foods associated with the infection. The photos of the scene caused a scandal and increased the number of misconceptions signed in the petition against the governor.
  • 280 million: The approximate cost of this consultation, in dollars. About 69% of voters who planned to vote on Tuesday felt it was a waste of public money.
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