CaixaBank expands its presence to 85 new Spanish rural towns

CaixaBank expands its presence to 85 new Spanish rural towns

CaixaBank expanded its presence during the first quarter of 2024 to 85 new Spanish rural towns, where until now there was no access to financial services from any entity. In doing so, the entity expands its network presence to a total of 3,142 locations in Spain, either through its office network or through the deployment of office mobile phones and the installation of rural ATMs.

Specifically, between January and March 2024, CaixaBank reached a total of 798 cities covered by its mobile paths in offices, thanks to which clients of the entity and non-clients of the entity can carry out the most common banking operations, such as withdrawing cash, generating income and paying receipts and taxes. In total, CaixaBank currently has 18 mobile offices, providing service in locations where more than 335,000 people reside.

Likewise, there are about 340 small towns that have access to financial services through self-service terminals.

To all this we must add CaixaBank’s extensive commercial network, the largest in the banking sector in Spain, with almost 4,000 branches and a presence in 2,233 municipalities, covering 92% of the country’s population. The network’s capacity also extends to rural areas: a total of 1,835 branches and offices (equivalent to 45% of the total CaixaBank network) are located in cities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants, of which about 230 are located in municipalities with a smaller number of areas. Of 1000 people. Of the 458 such centres, CaixaBank is the only entity currently in existence.

Commitment to financial inclusion

CaixaBank is firmly committed to supporting financial inclusion and developing initiatives that facilitate access to appropriate financial services for all residents. With the most extensive branch network in Spain and its deep social mission, CaixaBank plays a crucial role in bringing banking services closer to all populations, including vulnerable groups and rural areas.

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As of 2022, the coverage of CaixaBank’s financial services network has been expanded to include a total of 484 new municipalities in rural areas, in which the entity had not had a presence up to that point and of which 90 were identified, according to the Report on Financial Inclusion in Spain. Such as places with a population of more than 500 people and where financial services are not available. As part of the efforts made by all The banking sector In Spain, CaixaBank covered approximately 40% of this total population.

Likewise, CaixaBank’s commitment to inclusion is reflected in initiatives such as Support Rural economic development and measures aimed at improving attention to the elderlycreated the Financial services Especially for vulnerable groups and education in them Cyber ​​security And prevent fraud.

Recently, CaixaBank was recognized as “Best Bank in the World for Community Support 2024” In the Sustainable Finance Awards organized by the American magazine Global Financewhich certifies the entity as an international standard in sustainability and social contribution.

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