Cagliari, an opportunity to expand. Find the fifth useful result. 3 fixed commitments, then a breather break. Down, the attack begins again. Solidarity with Matini

Cagliari, an opportunity to expand.  Find the fifth useful result.  3 fixed commitments, then a breather break.  Down, the attack begins again.  Solidarity with Matini

And former Cagliari great Claudio Ranieri – the first division coach – is not in a good position either in the standings or in the infirmary. Sardinia have just two points and are currently in last place in the Black Shirt in Serie A. However, in the pits, Rossoblu arranges Lapadula for several months, then Rouge, Mancuso and Yancto. The circumstances of Luvumbo, an interesting player, need to be evaluated. Cagliari never won. Out of 6 matches, he tied 2 with Toro and Udinese and scored only 2 goals. This does not allow Fiorentina to think about taking a stroll in the Franchi today. Even in Frosinone, the Viola had to pass easily, ending up with a deserved draw after playing well in one half and not so much in the other. This does not negate the fact that Cagliari represents a good opportunity to take advantage of to advance in the standings. The Viola can feed a small positive cycle, in fact there are 4 useful matches, including the cup, signed by Fiorentina. Reaching fifth place would be a good start given the second conference group meeting next Thursday in Florence against Ferencvaros.. It ends on Sunday evening at the Maradona Stadium against Napoli, the Italian champion. So a break can bring some relief to Viola. Time to breathe and reorganize your thoughts.

Since we travel to a match every three days, it is natural for Italians to think about a balanced rotation system. Let’s try to guess the possible lineup even if it’s difficult. in the goal Terracciano Instead of the injured Dodo after choosing an inverted defender in Stirpe, Parisiancan return to use Kayode From the first minute. in the center Milinkovic And RanieriParisian on the left although Biraghi was still called up. There may be major doubts between them: Arthur And Mandragora, Duncan or Lopez Duncan? It is difficult to see Brazilians and French together, they have incompatible characteristics. A more physical player will be needed alongside them. This is exactly where the puzzle comes from. Kouame’s opportunities in attack increase with Gonzalez and Bonaventura. Down is still in front.

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Fiorentina is looking for the lost goal. The two players who seem to have the most confidence in net are Gonzalez and Bonaventura: the latter is Fiorentina’s top scorer in Serie A, and in total Jack has scored 59 goals in his career.

Sooner or later Nzoula will be released, and this is what Italiano, who is insisting on the Angolan, hopes precisely to give him some continuity. But there is also Beltran who was among other things a total investment of 25 million for Fiorentina. The Argentine wants to assert himself and works hard.

We conclude our statement by expressing our strong solidarity with our colleague Francesco Mattini Victim, as is now known to all, of a very serious accident which occurred at Viola Park last Saturday. A serious, experienced and highly competent journalist. It was supposed to be a day to celebrate the opening of this exceptional work to the public, which will remain in the history of Fiorentina..

Instead, Matini was removed from the sports centre, despite having a regularly purchased entry ticket (and having previously been refused accreditation because his time had expired). It turned out to be a juicy private target for the same company leaders involved in the episode. Caporetto to communicate because the matinee issue takes precedence over everything else. The incident is indescribable. Feeling ashamed is a noble feeling, not everyone has. Like getting to Viola Park.

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