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Cagliari Turin, Serie A match 2021/2022 live stream: official squads, pre-match, score and match report

The last match of the day will take place at Unipol Domus: the confrontation of Cagliari and Turin, in a match that will have a special character for Mazzarri. The day before he left the Toro seat in February 2020 after a terrible week of the tournament culminating in a heavy knockout from Lecce. Sardinians are fighting not to be relegated and have called the technician after Semplici’s acquittal, and the grenades must instead answer a specific question, deciding which tournament they’ll play in: if it’s middle or high or if it’s on the right. Follow Cagliari Turin live on

Cagliari – Torino 1-1: Match report

Networks: pt 31? Carbone (T), 8th Street, Joao Pedro (C)

ammonites: pt 18, Dalbert (C), 30, Pobega (T), 34, Lukic (T), st 2, Buongiorno (T), 12, Zima (T), 14, Caceres (C)

Cagliari (3-5-2): Cragno. Caceres, Cibitelli (32′ Godin Street), Carbone; Bellanova, Nández, Marin, Grassi (32nd Street, Pereiro), Dalbert (42nd Street, Zappa); Joao Pedro, Quetta (18th Street, Pavoletti). to me benefit. Radunovich, Aristi, Altar, Lykogiannis, Diola, Oliva, Setter. everybody.: Mazari.

Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic Winter, Bremer, Bongiorno (20th Street, Rodriguez); Aina (p. 42, Ansaldi), Lukic, Pobija (p. 1, Basile), Duke; Pricalo (11′ Bright Street), Baku; Al-Sanabriyah (p. 11, Zaza). Available: Berisha, Jimillo, Izu, Rincon, and Warming. everybody.. jurisprudence.

Rule: Massimi di Termoli (Auxiliaries Cecconi and Cipressa; IV man Mele; Var Mazzoleni)

Cagliari Turin: Live

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49 Game ends. Cagliari – Torino 1-1

48 Vojvoda tries from the edge but is blocked by a weak, middle shot and Cragno

47 It is Cagliari that is driving this recovery. Two minutes to go

45′ Four minutes of recovery

45 From the corner, Nandez tries to take an overhead kick, the ball goes out

44′ on the other side a chance for Nandes, Rodriguez is good at blocking his shot for a corner kick

44 ′ Ansaldi poorly controls a ball in the area and wastes time to reach the score

42 replacement in Cagliari. Zappa for Dalbert

42 Replacement in Turin. Ansaldi enters Aina’s place

41 ′ Chance for Toro: Bright pushes Basile, who fails in front of Cragno to push the ball into the net but shoots high

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39 ‘The bull that seems to have woken up: Three conclusions in two minutes and two big chances to score

38 ‘Chance for Toro: Zaza’s header ends slightly high

38 cross of Zaza who hits the ball hard and ends at the bottom

37′ Chance To Toro: Great Pjaca ball puts Praet alone in front of Cragno, Belgian kicks sideways a bit

35 ′ a highly fragmented game with numerous interruptions by the referee

32′ double replacement at Cagliari. Enter Gaston Pereiro and Gudin, exit Grassi and Cipitelli

29 ‘Nothing was done from the corner, then Zaza was caught offside

28′ Torno counterattack with Zaza trying to serve Praet in the center of the area, a major interference by Carboni who intercepted the lane and put into the corner.

25 ′ Torino failed to create chances and approached the Cagliari penalty area. Mazari plays better

22 ‘Good restart for Torino but Lukic fails to serve Aina who enters central

20′ replaced in Turin. Rodriguez enters instead of Good morning

20 ‘After a free kick from the trocar crossed into the area Caceres tried but bad kicks: the ball goes out

18 Replacement in Cagliari. Pavoletti enters for Keita

16 ′ Dalbert cross from the left, Milinkovic-Savic made the ball into his own net. The bull is in trouble after it conceded the goal net

14 ‘Accept Caceres

12′ Zima warned.

11′ double substitution in Turin. Brekalo and Sanabria exit, Praet and Zaza . entry

10′ Ceppitelli header from high angle

9′ Cagliari pushes back, which instantly earns a side kick. Taurus in trouble

8 ′ Cagliari goal. Marc Joao Pedro with a powerful shot from above the level of the head

6′ Big Parade by Milinkovic-Savic. After the corner kick, Joao Pedro’s header is smaller and a big save from Milinkovic-Savic who has a crazy reaction and refuses

5′ cross from Nández, Joao Pedro hits his head but the ball ends high. But there was a bend, it would be a corner

2 ‘Good morning warned who takes a ball

1′ starts the second half. Kick-off was won by Turin

1 ′ replacement in Turin. Basile enters instead of Boubiga

according to weather

45′ The first half is over. Turin 1-0 up Cagliari

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45′ one minute of recovery

45′ Bobiga is skilled in pushing Sanabria but loses the moment to go to the finish and lose the ball

42 Now Cagliari should be seen forward with a conclusion from Nandez coming out high over the bar

40′ Dangerous counterattack for Torino, Bjaca widens for Lukic whose cross was rejected by one of the defenders.

37′ sly Marin cross, Bellanova fails to reach deviation from corner position too

35 ‘Marin’s punishment from the edge, barrier rejects

34 ‘Warned Lukic

31′ GOAL: Bobiga’s shot from distance, Cragno slams it down, Sanabria pounces on the ball but it was Carboni who involuntarily pushed him down the net

31′ GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL Carbone Goalkeeper!!!!! bull feature

30 ‘Popega warned

29′ steady action from Cagliari: Bremer and Zima take the ball out twice from the penalty area, then Nendez kicks but it gets kicked

26′ bull replies: Pjaca widens to the right for Brekalo who crosses hard and tense, but the ball is removed.

25′ Chance for Cagliari: Milinkovic-Savic misses a pass with his feet, Nandez flies to the right and crosses Joao Pedro, but the Torino goalkeeper manages to interfere with the ball before it reaches the Brazilian striker

22 ‘Cagliari’s punishment from the trocar: Carbone hits his head but sends the crossbar

20, Pjaca is still on the floor who got slapped in the face, number 11 can still continue without problems

18 ‘Dalbert warned

17′ after a corner kick, Bremer’s header that ends high

14 ′ Toro’s chance after a friction in the area, Pjaca’s result rebounded and then the referee’s whistle for offside

13′ Milinkovic-Savic raises the ball, Kragno leaves his area and expects Sanabria

11 ‘ The referee whistles a foul Good morning in the midfield and I call him back: In the next intervention he risks yellow

8 ′ After a corner kick attempted Grassi, his dangerous shot was blocked by the Turin defender

8 ′ Cagliari is now a dangerous striker with Dalbert passing a cross, Aina in turn sets a corner kick

4′ Boubiga earns a free kick from the trocar: Priicalo hits it and good morning tries to get there with his head but the ball hits Bremer and then goes out

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3′ He stole a ball on the Nandez trocar but the action goes on with a cross that keeps Milinkovic-Savic ready

1, parties: Cagliari started

first half

Cagliari – Turin: before the match

Raw 20.35.00 The teams are back in the dressing room: soon the line-ups are read and then the match kicks off in Cagliari – Turin

Raw 20.15 The warm-up process continues for the players of both teams on the field. Calisthenics for all soccer players on the field.

Ore 20.000.000 Cagliari and Turin players start warming up. As usual, the first to enter the field are the goalkeepers of the two teams, who start their work a few minutes before their teammates.

ore 19.40.07 Teams in the locker room are ready to prepare for the warm-up. Meanwhile, the formations were revealed. For the first time since the first minute, the Croatian duo was the duo formed by Bjaca and Pricalo, Vojvoda on the right flank instead of Sengo while the defense is the same as in the last match.

Raw 18.45.007 Two hours until the start of the Unipol Domus match. The teams have not yet reached the stadium: the buses are expected between 19 and 19.15, when Cagliari and Turin enter the plant to start heating operations. Waiting for official formations too, even if in the case of Toro many options are absolutely mandatory, for example in defense. In front of Sanabria chasing the missing goal since last October 22.

Cagliari Turin, official line-ups

Here are the official line-ups:

Cagliari (3-5-2): Cragno. Caceres, Cipetelli, Carbone; Bellanova, Nández, Marin, Grassi, Dalbert; Joao Pedro, Keita. to me ranking: Radonovic, Aristi, Godin, Altari, Likogiannis, Zappa, Diola, Pereiro, Oliva, Pavoletti, Setter. trainer: Mazari.

Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic; Winter, Bremer, Bongiorno; Vojvoda, Lukić, Bubija, Aina; Pricalo, Bjaca; Snapria. AvailableBerisha, Jamilo, Ezo, Rodriguez, Ansaldi, Basile, Rincon, Bright, Warming, Zaza. trainer. jurisprudence.

Cagliari Turin: Where to see it on TV and live

Cagliari-Turin will be broadcast live on Dazn, the platform that broadcasts Serie A matches live, having won the rights for three years from 2021-2024. The live web will be on

Cagliari Turin, live and tabellino

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