BYD will not open a factory in the emirate

BYD will not open a factory in the emirate

BYD, one of the major players in the electric vehicle market, is offloading Asturias to set up its first European factory. In a new year, the emirate is still without an alternative to mining, the economic engine that the government abruptly stopped in 2018 and which continues without an alternative. BYD It will open its first European factory in Hungary, although its top manager in Spain does not rule out the possibility of building more factories on the Old Continent in the medium term.

For which Hungary?

The strategic location of the Central European country and the presence of factories for Opel, Audi, Suzuki and Mercedes have decided the owners of Build Your Dreams (this is what the acronym BYD stands for) to aspire to lead the electrification of mobility employees in Europe. today, BYD It has 230 authorized dealers and workshops in 19 countries and has introduced five models: BYD Han, BYD Tang, BYD Atto 3, BYD Seal and BYD Dolphin. Its chief manager in Spain said that the factory to be built in Hungary will be the first of several.

And Asturias?

Last April, a delegation from BYD visited Asturias to identify lands ranging from 100 to 200 hectares. The city of Vigo, in Galicia, was also considered a possibility. In both cases, port connections to one region and another were one of the arguments. In addition, in Galicia, the presence of the Stellantis plant added further interest to the process, although Asturias contributed another interesting factor: the ArcelorMittal plant. BYD will build more factories in Europe, but it is not yet known how many, how or where. Whatever the case, the government debt is with Asturias – and with León and Palencia, also severely affected by the unregulated closure of mining – it remains the case. We'll see if BYD can release some of it at some point.

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