BYD Han test, data sheet, opinions and dimensions

BYD Han test, data sheet, opinions and dimensions

Performance is like a supercar, and prices are not

Four-wheel drive, two engines capable of generating 517 horsepower and only 3.9 seconds (advertised) to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h: Chinese Byd Hahn It’s a sedan Deluxe Electric Five meters long, it’s very fast and it’s offered at just over 70,000 euros, when similar cars (such as the Tesla Model S) exceed 100,000 euros.

Brand new in Italy

there BYD It is a company that is not very well known to us, but it is The largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. As well as the only company that designs and manufactures everything necessary in-house: motors, accumulators, transmissions, control units and semiconductors. The Asian company has landed two zero-emissions models on our price lists: In addition to the Han, there’s the Atto 3 compact SUV, which we recently had the opportunity to drive). Two more battery-powered cars will arrive at a later date: the Dolphin compact and the Torrent sedan.

It cuts air well

there Byd Hahn It’s very aerodynamic: it is Cx equals 0.23. The design is seductive that mixes western and eastern stylistic features: at the front we find a low, sloping hood, the side is muscular and includes door handles in line with the bodywork, while the rear lights are slim.

Very stylish, not too roomy

cockpit from Byd Hahn Pleasing to the eye and to the touch: the use of leather is plentiful, while the plastic is soft and well-assembled. The front seats, with a sporty and ergonomic shape, are heated and ventilated (as are the rear seats, which can also feature an electrically reclining backrest). ups and downs, however, in the sound”spaceThose sitting in the back have plenty of centimeters to spare for their legs, but the sloping roofline steals space in height.

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A screen you don’t expect

multimedia system Byd Hahn great 15.6 inch screen, but managing lists is not very easy. The digital instrument cluster is 12.3 inches, and there’s also a third 7-inch display that appears between the rear seats when the armrest is lowered: it allows you to control the climate control, operate the panoramic sunroof, and choose between 31 groups of ambient lights.

Only one stem, moreover “Mignon”

Surprising to find in such a large car Byd Hahn a Box Very small: the cabin is spacious Only 410 liters Moreover, it cannot be expanded (the rear seats cannot be reclined). There’s also no front compartment for storing charging cables: you have to put them in the back.

More comfortable than satisfying

there Byd Hahn It starts up very quickly and brakes well: the powerful Brembo system is standard. turns He is very smart Despite the size, but even in the Sport driving mode (more dynamic than normal, Eco and Snow), the steering does not shine for accuracy. Excellent comfort: the passenger compartment is well soundproofed and the electronically controlled suspension filters bumps well.

Accumulators have been promoted, though not in all subjects

The 85.4 kWh battery is not very big when compared to the batteries of its competitors, but it ensures a high quality Range: 521 km further announced 400 readings in the on-board computer during our test. It is of type LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate), low flammability in the event of an accident (it does not catch fire immediately after being punctured) and has a long life. However, recharge times aren’t exceptional: the BYD Han accepts 11 kW AC and only 120 kW DC. This means that they love us 30 minutes to go from 30 to 80%.

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Fair price and lots of accessories

there Byd Hahn The protagonist of our first contact has a relatively low price (70,940 euros) compared to other sedans of similar power. The giveaway is valid: in addition to the accessories we have already described, we find the 19-inch alloy wheels, the heat pump (which helps to improve autonomy in the colder months) and the luggage compartment that opens electrically. Don’t forget Many driving aids It is managed by eight radars, four 360-degree cameras and one high-resolution camera: adaptive cruise control, automatic braking even when reversing, lane keeping and blind spot sensors.

in our opinion

> finishes. It has subtle combinations and refined materials: leather on the seats, dashboard, door panels and steering wheel, as well as wood or carbon fiber inserts.
> drives. The two thrusters – one in front and one behind – push hard.
> Price / content ratio. The amount to pay is tough, but similar cars in terms of power and equipment cost much more.

> Living. Back there are only a few centimeters available for the head, especially for those sitting in the center of the sofa.
> bagler. The cabin is very small and unusable.
> Reloading. The car accepts a maximum of 120 kW, moreover, the accumulator does not have exceptional power. It takes half an hour to get the battery from 30 to 80%.

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