His brother Roberto announces the closure of the investigation

His brother Roberto announces the closure of the investigation

Paolo Calisano passed away in Rome on December 30, 2021. The actor’s body was found by his ex-girlfriend, Fabiola Palese, in his apartment in Balduina. To kill him, he was poisoned by antidepressant drugs. A story of loneliness with lightning bolts of luck at work. Too short to save. In the early 2000s, her friend Ana Lucia Bandera Bezerra dies of an overdose in her Genoa apartment, a mistake paid for by Paolo during a stint in the detoxification society. But a stigma that the entertainment world likely hasn’t “forgiven.”

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Paolo Calisano, death inquest closed

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome had opened an investigation into his death and today his brother, Roberto Calisano, announces archiving. The 54-year-old businessman who is supported by his lawyer, criminal lawyer from Genoa Santina Irardi, wants to say: “I would like to free Paolo’s memory from the stigma of drug addiction,” he says first. According to Roberto, Paolo did not die of drug use. The prosecutor who investigated his death for eleven months ordered a very thorough toxicology examination. The conclusion was that my brother died not from drugs, but from poisoning with antidepressants ». The businessman tells Corriere della Sera about it. That evening Paolo accepted the danger of death, probably. So Paolo Calisano committed suicide? “I never thought I’d say it, but I think that’s how it turned out. It’s very painful for me to admit.”

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“Paolo Calisano did not commit suicide”, ex-partner Fabiola: she was waiting for her chance

Talk to the brother

However, Roberto keeps secret the hypothesis of the crime drawn up by the prosecutors: “We undertook not to disclose it before the conclusion, but it is enough for us to know that Paolo’s financial difficulties have been reconstructed.” Paul’s body is found by his ex-partner, a Romanian businesswoman. Fabiola is part of our emotions, her pain was so intense. At that time Paul is said to have been found in a state of decomposition. Today’s investigation made it clear that he had in fact died recently, on the night between December 29th and 30th. It was an abandonment of the imagination of some media.”

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Then the memory of the last phone call: «December 19th. He was down. Maybe I didn’t ask him enough questions. Everything remained in the circle of the unsaid.” The real difficulty of what Roberto tells Paolo was being able to remove that stain that people have now tattooed. “He couldn’t get rid of him. It became impossible to work. So I would like at least today, after his death, that an honest operation be carried out against him.”

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