Businesses expect their holidays to save money

Businesses expect their holidays to save money

The emergency law does not stop, and continues to affect families and businesses with new increases also expected for the third quarter of 2022. The inconveniences are so high that the foundries decided to bring the holidays to July to avoid spending too much on their bills.

Endless billing crisis: Energy-intensive companies are trying to find original solutions to the current crisis. According to Franco Vicentini, one of those is Taking a vacation in July, hoping that prices will be eased in August.

According to businessmen only to pay the bills, more than half of the entire margin is absorbed: the situation clearly needs to be improved. Let’s look at it together.

Energy crisis: companies anticipate the holidays

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Anticipate the holidays for the month of July in the hope of getting them Low prices for August invoices It fully represents the emergency that the entrepreneurs have reached. The owner of the Vdp group explained: “If prices seem crazy again in July, then on the one hand comes this additional increase. Taking an average consumption of 2 kWh per kilo of cast iron, this mechanism has an impact of 80 euros per ton. That is why We’d rather close now, work in August instead.”

In fact, August is known for lower energy prices thanks to lower energy demand in the market, which it usually brings Prices drop by 30/40%.

Corporate Decision: Here’s What Others Will Close


resolution Franco Vicentine It is not a borderline and isolated case, but many companies have made this decision. First of all there is the Ef group, led by Enrico Frigrio, who chose to take a vacation in July for the same reason as Vicentine.

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Motivation is to try to own Higher margins with prices traded in Augustbut this solution represents a bet that cannot necessarily be a winning one.

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