Mattarella, support Kiev or risk devastating conflict – News

Mattarella, support Kiev or risk devastating conflict – News

“If Ukraine falls we will see a drift of aggression towards other countries on the border with Russia, and this – as happened in the last century between 1938 and 1939 – will lead to a general and destructive conflict”: That is why it is necessary to preserve European cohesion because only in this way can the danger be avoided. Global conflict. Sergio Mattarella calls for order on the Ukrainian file, pointing out in Europe, but also in Italy, the widening of small cracks, signs of natural fatigue in the support of citizens and politicians for the work of the Kiev government. The president spoke about this “frankly and freely” at the Arajulos summit that brought together 13 non-executive EU presidents in Porto.

video Mattarella is in Porto to attend the Arrajolos Group Summit

The president’s concern is palpable, and even prompts him to recall one of the darkest periods of the twentieth century that led to World War II. “It is sad to see so many lives lost, so much destruction, and so much financial resources burned up on weapons,” the president began, “but what we do protects world peace.” He then explains that all the heads of state gathered in Porto hope “to create conditions as soon as possible for a process leading to peace in Ukraine: a just peace, not fleeting, and taking into account Kiev’s sovereignty.” The President then devotes ample space to his reflections on the European integration that he considers Today it is increasingly indispensable for responding to military and economic challenges. Mattarella says that a “quantum leap on the integration front” is needed. Escaping into self-imposed choices will empty the European Union of its potential to play a heroic role. We will make all our countries barely relevant. We can no longer wait for the basic options mentioned by the President: a majority vote, an effective foreign policy, a Parliament with real decision-making functions, and the completion of the financial structure. It is ambitious work, and requires vision and foresight. But it passes without evidence of appeal. He added at the conclusion of a summit that did not fail to Highlighting divisions in approaches in Europe On the eve of the European elections, “There will never be another time to do that.” A rhetorical question that shows a widespread lack of perspective: In June 440 million citizens will vote, but why are we calling on more than 400 million voters to vote? ? To vote on what? This great exercise of democracy must fall to a European structure with an effective decision-making mechanism. At the same time, continental divisions were also evident in Porto, as confirmed by the words of Polish President Andrzej Duda on the agreement on migrants: “We have suffered a hybrid war, and migrants have been pushed towards the EU borders and the Schengen borders which we must protect. “The European Union is more effective. If you want to see how our model works, if you want to see how our borders work, come to Poland. This is what our people want.” Or the statements of Hungarian President Katalin Novak: “We support Ukraine, but I represent the Hungarian people, and the Hungarian people want peace and avoid escalation of the conflict.” These are not nuances of language.

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