“Britain and the United States helped Kiev attack Crimea.” Sokolov appears again on video

“Britain and the United States helped Kiev attack Crimea.”  Sokolov appears again on video
8:00 Media: A large fire near a military airport, 30 km from Moscow

A large fire broke out last night near the Russian Chkalovsky Military Airport, in the city of Shelkovo, about thirty kilometers northeast of Moscow: Ukrainian media reported, citing Russian Telegram channels. The cause of the fire is unknown, but Ukrinform reports that local residents heard explosions followed by a large column of flames. For its part, RBC-Ukraine reports that unknown saboteurs recently blew up two planes and a helicopter at the Chkalovsky base and caused serious damage to it. There is currently no information about injuries or damage.

8:30 Top secret document from Kiev: More than 50 European components in Iranian drones used by Moscow in the war in Ukraine

Iranian kamikaze drones used by Russia in the war in Ukraine contain more than 50 European components: this is what emerges from a top-secret document sent by Kiev to the G7 governments in August, in which the Ukrainian government issued a call for the destruction of missile production sites to be remote. Range in Russia, Iran and Syria. The 47-page document, obtained by The Guardian, claims that between May and July Russia launched more than 600 air strikes on Ukrainian cities using drones containing Western technology.

9:00 Kiev Defense Minister: “The regime came to you in Kiev? I hope soon”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustam Umarov hopes to “soon see the results” of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s state visit to the country. “We just had a successful visit to the United States, so we hope to see the results soon,” Omerov said in an interview with CNN when asked about the prospects of obtaining long-range ATACMS missiles from Washington. Omerov also stated that Ukraine plans to localize weapons production “as much as possible so that we have sufficient facilities to produce the required weapons.”

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9:30 American Research Center: Sokolov’s status is still unclear

The fate of the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Viktor Sokolov, whose killing was claimed by the Ukrainians but who was shown alive by the Russians in a video, is “not clear”: this is what the American Research Institute for the Study of War said. The organization stated that “the Institute of Studies and Monitoring is unable at this moment to conduct an assessment of the authenticity of the footage published by the Russian Ministry of Defense of Sokolov,” after Moscow yesterday published a video clip showing the commander of the Black Sea Fleet participating in a military operation. Defense Council meeting via video call. A day before Kiev claimed responsibility for his death in the Ukrainian attack on the headquarters of the Russian fleet in Sevastopol in the Crimean Peninsula.

10.15 am Ukraine: Zelensky appoints Shevchenko as his independent advisor

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has appointed former football hero Andriy Shevchenko as his independent adviser. It was reported by the local press, citing the presidential decree published on the website. Shevchenko played for Milan and was coach of the Ukrainian national team, winning the Golden Ball in 2004.

11:00 am Moscow: Sokolov on TV “The Black Sea Fleet operates successfully”

A new chapter in the mystery surrounding the fate of Russian Admiral Viktor Sokolov, who was left for dead by Ukrainians in the September 22 attack on Sevastopol, Crimea. The commander of the Black Sea Fleet appeared on the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda channel and announced in an interview that his subordinates were “successfully completing all the tasks assigned to them,” RIA Novosti news agency reported. But it is not clear when the interview dates. Yesterday, the same news agency published a video clip containing pictures of a meeting at the Ministry of Defense headed by Sergei Shoigu and attended by Sokolov. Following the video, the Ukrainians announced that they would “verify” the news of the alleged death of the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and a man resembling Sokolov appears in the video participating in the meeting with Shoigu and other Russian military leaders via video conference. On the uniform there is the inscription “Sokolov VN” and in Cyrillic on the screen there are the initials of the Black Sea Fleet. CNN highlighted that it could not confirm that it was actually Sokolov either when the meeting took place or where the photos with the admiral were filmed. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not comment on the case. “No information has been received from the Ministry of Defense – everything falls within their jurisdiction and we have nothing to announce,” he said. Even the White House – through its spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre – did not confirm or deny Sokolov’s death. “We watched the news and we are certainly aware of the video,” Jean-Pierre said, adding that “I have nothing to confirm at the moment.”

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12:30 Moscow and Zakharova: “Britain and the United States helped the Ukrainians attack in Crimea”

The Ukrainian attack that took place on Friday on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea “was carried out at the request of and in coordination with the American and British intelligence services.” This was stated by Russian diplomatic spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, to Agence France-Presse. Zakharova added: “There is no doubt that the attack was planned in advance using Western intelligence assets, NATO satellite equipment and reconnaissance aircraft, and that it was carried out at the request of the US and British intelligence services and in close coordination with them.” .

1:00 pm Kyiv: Wagner returned to Bakhmut

The mercenaries of the Wagner Group returned to Bakhmut. This was stated in a CNN report about the ongoing counterattack in eastern Ukraine, during which Kiev forces “slowly but relentlessly managed to recapture tens of square kilometers.” “We are penetrating their defense lines here and hitting them well,” a drone pilot calling himself “Grov” told CNN, announcing that the mercenaries, the heroes of many of Russia’s successes over the winter, had returned to the Bakhmut region. . “Yes, Wagner is here too,” he announced. “They came back, quickly changed their leaders and came back here.”

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