Breathing is an art that makes us live better

Breathing is an art that makes us live better

We take it for granted. What’s more: we don’t even notice. However, nothing is more important in life than breathing. But we humans of all living creatures have most of all lost the ability to do it properly, with all that this entails for our health. To remind us how we got to this point and how we can still treat it, manage relief if not even reverse diseases like asthma, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and even psoriasis, which are closely related to the way we inhale and exhale. He is an American science journalist James Nestor. who completes him The art of breathing. The new science to re-teach a natural gesture has traveled a lot around the world, to understand what went wrong in history, and to connect with what it calls the “pioneers of bolunut.” The men and women who discovered the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices.

Book on newsstands of the day with Republic to me 12.90 EUR Plus the price of the newspaper. It is the first in a series that also includes two works by David Le BrettonAnd the life on footon August 30 with Republic at €11.90 more and free From September 30 with Republic (Same price, format and number of pages as before).

“A wonderful scientific, cultural, and spiritual story about the way we breathe and the mistakes we’ve made for too long to make a seemingly simple gesture,” outlines Elizabeth Gilbert, American author All pray love, when it was released in the US in 2020. It quickly became an international issue, with over a million copies sold worldwide, and the following year it was translated into more than 35 languages. and its author who writes for The New York TimesL’AtlanticAnd the Scientific American And many other publications, he was invited as a celebrity to present his work at universities, at Stanford, at Harvard, then at the United Nations and on radio and television. “There are as many ways to breathe as the foods we eat,” says Nestor, “some of which nourish the brain, while others kill neurons; some make us healthy, and some speed our death. To expand the capacity of the lungs by thirty percent. They told me about an Indian doctor who lost Several kilos just by changing the way he inhaled the air, and about the women who had cancer in remission and about the monks being able to melt snow around their bare bodies for hours on their minds.”

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However, in recent years, their techniques have been rediscovered, scientifically tested, and proven. So Nestor accompanies us with this book on “A Scientific Adventure in the Lost Art and Science of Breath,” which explores the transformation that takes place inside our bodies every 3.3 seconds, the time it takes the average person to inhale and exhale. And he does so by recounting experiences he has personally participated in around the world, comparing ancient texts to reach his conclusion: breathing is not just a biochemical or physical act, it is not simply lowering the diaphragm and sucking in air to feed hungry cells. and waste disposal. Conversely, focusing on how we breathe affects our health and makes us live longer and better.

The three volumes of the Repubblica series

The art of breathing by James Nestor It is the first volume of a series on newsstands With Repubblica at 12.90 € In addition to the price of the newspaper in newsstands July 30

The August 30 and September 30 two more work David Le Bretton: life on foot And the free

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