Fog sweeps Barcelona and other parts of the First Coast

Fog sweeps Barcelona and other parts of the First Coast

This Monday, Barcelona woke up with one The sky is obscured by coastal fog. The top of famous buildings such as the Torre Glòries or the Sagrada Família are well covered. let's continue Live fog evolution Through the camera in Montjuïc.

Just 10 days ago we were deep in the environment winterunder umbrella While they were loading Rain Most important and noteworthy in nearly half a year and with the Pyrenees well filled newwhich they really left behind Postcard stamps. So the March 8-10 rain episode made headlines, but it was just a one-day flower: of Rainfall With a face and eyes we haven't had since and Prognosis For the next few days no And Very optimistic. Right now, we're living off this beautiful record while PrimaveraAnd the softness and hours of light in the day and the battle between Sol And the Coastal fog headlines.

In this way, what we smelled day after day was like the atmosphere spring It was gaining ground and bravely imposed itself throughout the country. We arrived this weekend maximum The highest temperature of the year is like, for example, 28.4°C in Vinebre, or 28.3°C in Benissanet, or 26.5°C in Seròs. Despite the softness and Nice weather in the afternoon It was felt in most pre-coastal cities inland Coastal fog It engulfed and disrupted many areas of the coast and left the area Strip thermometers And more conservative.

Coastal fog, the great protagonist of today

Although Barcelona is one of the most sought after and loved cities around the world due to its presence Wealth The many hours of sunshine per day are also the champion of other scenarios, even if it is at the right time, period ghostlyTypical film of tension and mystery.

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the responsible That both this weekend and this Monday, March 18, 2024, we woke up well is Coastal fog.

he A sea of ​​low clouds and fogvery soon thick I stuffywas present not only these days and especially this Monday in Barcelona, ​​but also in other parts of the Central Coast, the Tarragona Coast and the Terres de l'Ebre, as well as parts from the Maresme to Selva marítima.

Coastal fog sweeps through the ancient walled area of ​​Tossa de Mar. Author: Robbie Giblin

the Coastal fog It should not be confused with the fog of the Vic Plain, the Bagis Plain, or the Lida Plain, because although they all have in common Decreased visionhas very different origins.

Advection fog from Sant Fost de Campsentelles. Author: Lina Aguasca
The coastal fog seen from Poblenou swallows some of the city's emblematic buildings such as the Agbar Tower. Author: Alan Jurnet

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