Black Panther 2’s translator Namor breaks the silence

Black Panther 2’s translator Namor breaks the silence

Yet the last issue is linked to Jonathan Majors, whose publication was eponymous Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Universe It’s not certain now that the studios have another bomb on their hands: Actor Tenoch Huertawhich started as Namur V Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverHe was accused of sexual assault.

To charge, I knew, was Musician and activist María Elena Rios Through a post on Twitter in which he introduced the translator a “sexual predator». He announced this by distancing himself from a Mexican anti-racism association that hosted the Marvel actor on its podcast. La Rìos is known in Mexico not only for its music: in 2019 Her ex-boyfriend hired two people to throw acid in her face She has been actively fighting against violence against women since then.

The saxophonist then went on to point his finger at Tenoch Huerta, emphasizing that it’s hard to talk about the emotional abuse and power she suffered precisely because of her new status after the Marvel movie. The person concerned has now responded to these serious accusations with a statement on his profile also sent to foreign media:

About a year ago, I dated Elena for several months. It has always been a consensual relationship, as many people can attest. And throughout that time it was a relationship of love, warmth and mutual support. But when it’s over Elena started misreporting our interactions Both privately and in front of mutual friends.

The unconfirmed actor will return to Namur Marvel Cinematic Universe after Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverThen he added:

Accordingly, a few months ago, I engaged a legal team to take appropriate measures to protect my reputation and refute these irresponsible and false claims that could cause serious harm and harm. Even if I am by no means perfect, I know these claims are simply false. And while I will always work to improve myself, I need to challenge the false and offensive claims.

At the moment, unlike Jonathan Majors, there are no ongoing criminal proceedings against Tinoc Huerta.

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