Big Brother: News and surprises today, November 13

Big Brother: News and surprises today, November 13

Big Brother 2023. Photo courtesy of Endemol Shine Italy press office

The first weekly episode with the contestants Big Brother 2023 Live on TV this evening Monday 13 Novemberon Canale 5. In the last episode broadcast Thursday 9 Novemberhe was not there No one was eliminated. But the audience chose who was no longer welcome on the Mediaset reality show.

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Big Brother 2023 competition news: The candidate for elimination is…

a result? The tenant with the fewest votes was Cerro PetronWhich means that he will be the first candidate threatened with elimination tonight. backwards, Greece Colmenares He was a favorite in the last episode. But will Petrone really be the one to leave? Let’s help ourselves by reading the surveys in the following article.

Big Brother 2023, news, contestant polls and episode ratings

Big Brother 2023. Image courtesy of Endemol Shine Italy press office

Big Brother 2023, today’s episode previews: Who’s in danger tonight, November 13

I am Three competitors Who’s Big Brother 2023 competing during tonight’s episode: Jill Cooper, Ciro Petrone, and Giuseppe Garibaldi. Who will be eliminated among them? All that remains is to interpret the forecasts on the web and wait for the TV broadcast response during the evening.

Big Brother 2023

Image courtesy of Endemol Shine Italy press office

Voting, Immunity, and Finale Nominations: How it went

As always, the clear nominations and those that took place in the confessional showed the true side of each of the participants in the 2023 edition of the confessional. Big brother. Ciro Petrone cast Giuseppe Garibaldi as Angelica Baraldi and Jill Cooper. Instead, for Rosie Chen, it was the finger pointing at Grecia Colmenares who saw fit to do the same through renomination.

Continuing throughout the evening there was Paolo Masella who nominated Fiordaliso, as Mirco Brunetti also chose to do. And while Fiordaliso voted against Giampiero Moghini, what else did Anita Olivieri do? Instead, Jill Cooper was nominated by Letizia Beatrice, Giampiero Moghini and Beatrice Luzzi, while Angelica Baraldi’s name was mentioned by Massimiliano Varese and Vittorio Minuzzi. Alex Schwazer finally said Giuseppe Garibaldi’s name.

Signorini in BIG BROTHER 2023: The surprise is Perla

Yet the last arrivals at Casa del Big Brother 2023 It looks like another contestant will cross the famous threshold to enter the game. Rumors abounded about this possibility during the Thursday, November 9, episode. Will that happen tonight during the Monday, November 13 episode, or is it a measure to raise ratings and public interest?

words Gentlemen They always seem to be sprinkling clues: “There will be a big surprise about Birla on Monday,” he said. And speculation about entry By Perla Fatero There were many among the spectators.

Big Brother 2023 Alfonso Signorini

Photo from Mediaset press office

Free poll forum waiting for TV broadcast

What time does Big Brother start today, November 13, on TV and live?

Appointment with the live broadcast of Big Brother 2023the first in a mixed VIP and non-VIP edition, intended for women 9.20pm on Canale 5 and broadcast live on Mediaset Infinity.

there Previous episode Moves in Repeats on Thursday on Italia 1 at 1pm. on A5 There are reruns of the evening primetime live broadcast, as well as daily live windows.

the Big Brother 2023 It can also be seen on Mediaset Extra. In addition to the two weekly appointments, competitors can be reached daily, live, on the website and on the app Mediaset Infinity Come here A5.

We’ll see tonight who comes out Big Brother 2023.

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